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Glitter Toppers

Who doesn’t love glitter toppers? Killjoys, that’s who. And we’re no killjoys here on the world wide web, am I right? Right.


This was a fun one. I topped Essie Find Me An Oasis with Lemming Lacquer Babytown Frolics, from their Archer collection, which has the best names ever. Babytown Frolics is a mix of large circle glitter, square glitter, star glitter, hex glitter, and micro glitter, some holographic and some not, in a clear base. It’s perfect for layering, and I felt this would look cute over a pastel color. I think I was right. 😉 This was one coat, and it didn’t need to be manipulated much if my memory serves me.


Oh gosh. It’s September and I’m only now posting this manicure from St. Patrick’s Day… unless you follow my Instagram, and get all my updates as they happen. 😉 This is Zoya Ivanka topped with Pop-Arazzi Hit The Goldmine, a gold metallic microglitter. This was so, so blingy and eyecatching! The gold glitter and gold glass fleck shimmer play off of each other and shine so bright.

Thanks for stopping by, come back for more very soon. 🙂


Ivanka & Charla

Nobody panic! I have some actual cohesive swatches today! It’s a miracle.


First I have Zoya Ivanka, a green with glass-fleck shimmer. It’s gorgeous, but I took this off fairly quickly—I kept getting distracted at how Christmasy it looked, and I was still in August! But it went on perfectly and covered in two coats. (This also appears to be pretty close to Rainbow Honey’s Demeter, which is beautiful but sadly discontinued.)


After that, I put on Zoya Charla, which is a blue version of the same finish, and it fit my bill of summer vibes way better. Also opaque in two, but it looks like a third coat would have deepened the color; I dented the polish on my ring finger and put on another coat of Charla to smooth it out, and that nail is visibly darker than the rest.

Zoya does this finish particularly well. I’m curious to know what some of your favorite glass-fleck Zoyas are!