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Meteor Shower

Hello again! I am on a roll with getting these posts out! Although that would be more of an accomplishment if I had more than one photo to show you this time around. All of the shots I’d taken were pretty redundant, and you don’t really need to see this polish from different angles anyway.

Oh cripes my poor effin’ cuticles. This was taken a while ago, before I’d started moisturizing multiple times a day. Ick. Sorry about that!

Anyways, let’s try to ignore that and look at the pretty topper. I have on Mineral Fusion Meteor Shower, a clear base full of shredded lavender glitter, over top of Sally Hansen I Lilac You. Meteor Shower wasn’t exactly sparse, but you definitely need to dab a bit to get the coverage that I got.

It was interesting to see something like this from a mainstream brand—I hardly ever see shredded glitters from indie brands, let alone mainstream ones. OPI has Gaining Mole-Mentum and Color Club has Diamond Drops and Fame & Fortune, but those are about the only ones I’ve heard about. Lavender’s such an unexpected color for one, though; I’m really happy with it!

Thanks for reading!