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Let’s Get Medieval!

Somebody’s been busy!!

That somebody’s me. I’ve been busy. But now things are calm, and I can finally post some photos that were meant to be uploaded two weeks ago. Woohoo! 😀

Two of my closest friends got married on the 3rd of this month! In honor of their Medieval-themed ceremony (the bride is a Medieval History major!), I did a manicure inspired by illuminated manuscripts.

I love how my ring finger looks so much smoother than the rest of my nails. That’s because it’s super fake. haha.

Anyways, I started with two mind-blowingly gorgeous coats of Kiko Cosmetics #39 Cobalt, from their Power Pro line. Seriously, this color is awe-inspiring under bright light. I went with this color because, in Medieval art, the second most expensive and rich paint was cobalt blue. Cobalt paint could only be made by grinding down cobalt blue glass, which was already pricey! No wonder it got so expensive. (The most expensive was ultramarine blue, which was made by grinding down lapis lazuli – considered a precious stone back then – fetched all the way from Egypt!)

Then I topped it with some genuine 24k gold flakes! This is one coat of Ninja Polish Midas Touch, one of the better (and not to mention most affordable) gold flake toppers on the market. I used this because illuminated manuscripts are also commonly gilded – that is, gold leaf is applied to it. I thought it was perfect. 😀

Sigh. It’s so lavish looking! I couldn’t stop staring at my nails, the gold combined with the bright cobalt blue was a sensory overload, haha. Of course, this would be too loud to wear at the wedding.

So I just did this instead! This is two coats of my favorite nude shade, Icing Today Is A Nude Day, topped with one coat of OPI Make Light Of The Situation from their spring Soft Shades collection. The rhinestone is from some random crystal pack from Michael’s Craft Store. 😛

Still rockin’ that fake ring fingernail here, with an additional fake index fingernail because I had another really bad break and refused to go to this wedding sporting nubs.

But yes, these are all my wedding-related manis from the last month! Hope you guys enjoyed them, and sorry for the longish silence. It won’t happen again. At least not soon. You know, probably.

You can get Kiko’s nail polishes from their website, and Midas Touch is still in stock!!! over at Ninja Polish’s online store.

Thanks for reading!

Nude Day

My poor nails. They break at the slightest touch! Maybe it’s because I don’t drink enough water. (I’m actually half lizard. Don’t tell anyone.)


So here are my tiny short baby nails in Icing Today is a Nude Day topped with Nina Ultra Pro Pink Frost. I’m kicking myself for not getting pictures of Nude Day on its own! (Note: if anyone ever asks you for pictures for anything called Nude Day, run.)


Pink Frost is interesting. It’s fleshy pink in the bottle, but it’s sheer and adds a cute frosty blue shimmer to whatever base color you put it over. I imagine it’d simply show as blue over a black base, much like Maybelline Color Show Crystal Disguise, only with more uniform coverage.



I have a few polishes that look one color in the bottle and look totally different when layered. I think I’ll make a master post of all of those one day. It’d be a fun little experiment.