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Messy Easter egg nails!

Take THAT, weather! It was supposed to rain all holiday weekend—joke’s on you! It’s totally nice out!


Since there was decent lighting today, I decided last minute to do some nail art (my first attempt!). I wanted to make my nails look like some kitschy dyed glittery Easter eggs, haha.


I’m happier with it than I thought it would be! I always figured that I wouldn’t be able to pull off nail art because my hands shake and I’m left-handed (you only ever see my left hand in photos, meaning that it’s my worse side!). This was simple enough to do, though. 😀


I started with two runny coats of Hard Candy Prep Squad. Luckily it evened itself out.


Then I used a nail art brush and painted a stripe of Hard Candy Sweet Retreat. I went over it a second time to make it more opaque.


Some tiny dabbing motions with a Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art pen made the white lines.


I topped it off with a sparing coat of Icing Wifey to give it that glittery kitschy look. :B

Happy Easter, everybody!