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We’re back!

Oh my goodness I’m so far behind. But… well, keep on keepin’ on, as they say. That doesn’t make sense in this context. Just roll with it.

Anyways. I have some basically entirely unrelated colors for you today, because that’s just how we do over here in Honeyfalls Town. Get into it.


First I have Icing Mintage. Why do I never hear people talking about this brand? I’ve only had good experiences with it. Mintage is a perfect springy mint green with a nice subtle silvery shimmer. I’m pretty sure this was two coats, but this manicure was from months ago, so… oops.


I was just questioning why on earth I would wear this sort of red in the middle of spring, as I keep my colors very seasonal for seemingly no reason though. But, I remember throwing on OPI Chick Flick Cherry for International Women’s Day! I couldn’t actually take part in any protests, so the least I could do was show my support by wearing red. That aside, Chick Flick Cherry had a pretty easy formula, and it’s a nice holiday red, I think!




Last I have Finger Paints What A Night. This is either a very finely milled glitter, or a very chunky shimmer in a clear base. It’s a little perplexing. Either way, it’s very pretty color that shifts from pink to gold! This was three coats.

That’s all today! I’ll be back soon… you know, hopefully.


Fall, fall, fall

Hey everyone! Thanks for putting up with my silence. I’ve got a few fall colors for you today!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen this beaut already. This is Different Dimension The Eagle Has Landed, a plum base with strong red-copper shimmer and scattered holo microglitter. This reached opacity in two coats and had a slightly thick but manageable formula. I got this to satisfy my lemming for OPI’s Peel Me A Gobi Grape (which I can only find online for $40—yikes!!), and did it ever deliver.


Next I have Julie G You-niverse, a gold-green-blue shifting metallic duochrome along the same vein as Zoya Aggie, OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, and the much sought-after Chanel Peridot. This is supposedly an exact dupe for the Chanel. Duochromes like this are generally sheer but build nicely; this was opaque in three coats. The formula on this was a little tricky—I started painting my pinky before the coats prior were totally dry, and you can see the unevenness that resulted. I adore this color and finish though.


Finally I have China Glaze Pearl Jammin’ from this year’s Rebel Collection for fall. It’s a pale dusty blue with an incredibly strong copper shimmer. This is so stunning; I usually hate how pearly finishes look on me, but this was absolutely ethereal and gorgeous in every light. I loved loved loved having this on my nails. It’s opaque in three coats and went on very easily.

Thanks for reading, come back soon. ❤


Magic Rainbow Cake!

Happy birthday to meeeeee! 😀

I did my nails twice today, because rules are a human construct and I’m an anarchist.


Birthday cake!!! I used two of my favorite polishes for this mani, Spellbound Nails Upelkuchen for the cake batter base and the oh-so-yummy Essie Mink Muffs for the chocolate icing.


Then for the second mani, I started with a base of Boii Cosmetics Blindfolded. I’m pretty disappointed with this one, as the coppery-red shimmer that was so apparent in the photos on Boii’s website is hardly visible in this at all—I purchased this to satisfy my lemming for OPI Peel Me A Gobi Grape and I was left severely wanting. I might have gotten a bad bottle, and to be completely fair, I didn’t bother trying to return this for a refund. But its formula was flawless and it covered in one coat, so I’ll definitely give it due credit there!


Then I threw on one of my holy grail polishes, Nfu Oh 51. This is the ultimate in classic color-shifting pigments and flakies. Shown is one coat over Blindfolded.


Its color-shifting pigments and flakies go all the way from red, to gold, to green, to blue depending on the angle of the light. It’s always difficult to catch photographs of the shift! One day I’ll perfect my methods, haha.



I feel like you could franken this by combining Girly Bits Shift Happens, Girly Bits Thud!, and a purple jelly. Someone should try it!

That’s it for today! Thanks for swingin’ by. I’m gonna go have some real birthday cake now. 😀



I got really excited about the name of this polish. I thought it was a pun. But it wasn’t and now I feel all deflated. 😦

Today I have some pictures of Zoya Aggie, which looks like shifty molten gold on your nails. The reason I thought this was a pun was because of the gold color, and because I thought that the symbol for gold on the periodic table was Ag—thus, Aggie. Turns out that Ag is silver, and gold is Au. Opportunity missed, Zoya! Ah well. Let’s take a look at the polish.



This was opaque in two coats, although I’m wearing three here because I smudged my nail on my index finger and wanted to smooth it out.


Aggie shifts from gold to green to blue, although I tend to have trouble capturing multichromes with my camera. 😦


This thing is shiny. And while it’s a little disappointing that the color shift isn’t very apparent on the nail, that primary gold color is so stunning that I don’t mind, haha.


Zoya Aggie is a good deal warmer than your typical Chanel Peridot dupes like OPI Just Spotted The Lizard, Julie G You-niverse, China Glaze Rare And Radiant, Jessica Iridescent Eye, etc., but it’s gorgeous in its own right.

Hope you guys enjoyed my photos! Thanks for reading. ❤


Let’s get it right this time

Hi, my dearies! I have a swatch for you that I’ve been dying to revisit, since this is one of my favorite colors in my collection and my previous photos for it didn’t do it justice. But first: a color that I’ve mentioned before but never photographed.


This is Ciate Burlesque, which I also wore under the following color last time I photographed it. It’s a deep eggplant purple, opaque in two coats—I have one thick coat here since I was layering it, thus the semi-see through patches. My bad!


And this is Orly Fantasea, which I took way better photos of this time around (see for yourself!). This is a chameleon, looking coppery red or gold or purple depending on the angle and lighting. I gasped when I looked at this through the viewfinder and saw all that gold! It’s so shy in person, haha.


This is two coats of Fantasea over Burlesque. I’m just… so in love with this color. I know I say that a lot, but Fantasea is one of the few polishes I’ve worn multiple times already, haha. It’s definitely got a special place in my heart.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤

Choo Choo!

You ever have a lemming not pan out for you? You finally get your hands on it and it’s not quite what you expected?


This is China Glaze I Choo-Choo Choose You!. It’s a greyish taupe brown with a red to gold to green shifting shimmer. Two coats for opacity, applied easily.


It’s a beautiful polish—I just don’t like the way that taupes look with my skintone. I knew that but I was so seduced by the shiftiness and the pretty photos that I got it anyway. 😦


It also took a weirdly long time to dry – I could still smudge it after almost an entire day! It was so bizarre. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be destashing this anytime soon! Maybe I’ll learn to love it? We’ll see.

Thanks  for reading!

-Aley ❤

Sweet as Sugar

Buckle up everybody, we’re in for a wild ride.


This beaut is called Cinapro Nail Sugar Sweet Tooth, a blue to purple duochrome shimmer base with two different sizes of metallic blue hexes. This is two coats over a dark blue (I believe it was Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, but I’m not certain).



I love this—this has one of the most noticeable duochrome effects out of all my polishes.



This is really thick, though I think it’s because my bottle is so old and because the LED light in the cap started to “set” the polish while it was still in the bottle (all the Nail Sugar polishes come with little LED lights built into the caps!). It’s possible that you’d need to thin it out after a while. I don’t think it’s the manufacturer’s fault, but it was bad enough that I felt the need to mention it.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤