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Peaceful Unicorns in the Amazon

Guess who figured out how to queue posts? This girl. So hopefully I can keep up getting through my buffer pretty consistently. 😀

Again, I’ve just got some assorted swatches.


This is three coats of Pretty Serious Peace On Earth, a minty green base with a strong pink shimmer. Holy bananas, this color. I feel like I didn’t capture the pink shimmer super well, but in person this polish is just… something else. It’s a dupe for Yves Saint Laurent’s Peace Green, which is basically impossible to get your hands on. I definitely recommend picking this up, especially since Pretty Serious just launched a US-based store and they’re easier to get now.


Next is OPI Amazon…Amazoff. This has a very slight silver shimmer in a teal base. I actually bought this thinking it was a creme, but that silver shimmer is only visible under the flash of a camera and other very harsh lighting conditions; it just looks like a creme on the nail. This is pretty unique despite being something of a staple OPI shade—teal is a common color, but this color’s got a slightly dusty quality that makes it a little more elegant, I think! It’s opaque in two coats.


Last up I have OPI Hello Hawaii Ya? topped with Starlight Polish Unicorn, a green/blue/purple shifting topper. I really love Unicorn over any shade of purple, and Starlight makes some truly fantastic toppers.

That’s all for now. Come back soon. 😉


Mythical Starlight

Uuuuuugh I’m being so lazy. I have so many photos to edit and upload and post and format and BLAH. But they’re beautiful, so it’s a labor of love!

Starlight Polish is probably tied as my favorite indie brand, right next to Rainbow Honey. Issa makes the best color-shifting shimmer polishes around, hands-down. I swatched two polishes of hers before, Dragon and Dragon Scales, and was immediately smitten. It was high time that I got around to fawning over more of her creations!


For the first mani, I started with a base of OPI Midnight In Moscow. It’s been a while since I pulled this out, and I was shocked to find that I could get it opaque in one thick coat! My beloved Wet N’ Wild Under Your Spell is a dupe for this, but requires at least three coats, so… I’ll go with this one. 😛


I topped that with two coats of Starlight Polish Phoenix Feathers, a red jelly base packed to the brim with red-gold-green-blue color-shifting shimmer. I used to be obsessed with this finish back when I first started blogging, and this immediately got me all nostalgic.



I’m awful at capturing these shifts, unfortunately! Issa also makes a topper that just includes the shimmer, sans red base, simply called Phoenix. I’d already have my mitts on that if I didn’t already own Girly Bits Shift Happens, which is a dupe of it.

ssfp1.jpgI had a theory that three coats of Phoenix Feathers on its own would closely resemble four coats of Clarins 230, so I tried it out—and I’d say it’s fairly close! Unfortunately I haven’t got a bottle to compare it with, but Phoenix Feathers definitely gets more opaque on the nail than Clarins 230 does.


I didn’t have the sun this time, so I improved to catch that elusive green shift.


Another mani using a Starlight polish went on my nails the instant Phoenix Feathers came off. For a base, I used OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?, from last year’s spring collection. This is way more of a fall color, though! And I’m not sure why all of my shots were blurry… This was the clearest picture I had. Sorry, guys. :/


This turned out to be the perfect choice for topping with Starlight Polish Unicorn Tears, as it was light enough that Unicorn Tears’ purple jelly base didn’t look black in indoor lighting. This is two coats.


Unicorn Tears is a stunner, with a shifting shimmer that goes from yellow-green to emerald to aqua to royal blue.


There’s a version of this polish that’s just the shimmer, simply called Unicorn, that I have and can’t wait to try over literally everything.

I forgot how much I loved this finish of nail polish. Every polish in the Mythological Trio (Phoenix Feathers, Unicorn Tears, Dragon Scales) is fall-appropriate, so I hope to get some more use out of them before the season’s over.

Kudos to anyone who read that giant wall of text. 😉 Issa’s shop can be found here!


One of us is going to have to change.

Well, this is embarrassing.


I’ve managed to dupe not just a single polish, but an entire manicure. You might recall the time I swatched Girly Bits Shift Happens layered over China Glaze I Sea The Point.


Turns out that Sally Hansen In Prompt Blue is a dupe for I Sea The Point… Both are a slightly dusty ocean blue color, both cover in one coat. And Starlight Polish Dragon is a green-yellow-gold-orange shifting counterpart to Shift Happens’ red-gold-green shift. Did any of that make sense? Is my grammar okay? English majors, help me out here, I’m terrible at explaining things.


Anyways. Let me talk about Dragon for a moment. It’s a green-based shifting topcoat, and while I love Shift Happens, I find that Dragon looks way better over blue than SH does. And Dragon is essentially a topcoat version of Starlight and Sparkles Dragon Scales, which is also amazing.


Basically what I’m saying is that you should just go over to Issa’s shop and buy everything because holy cow her polishes are beautiful.


What are you waiting for??? Go!!

-Aley ❤

Figures I’d post a dragon right after a mermaid.

Happy Monday, everyone! (Even though Monday is almost over at the time of writing/posting this, oops.) How was everybody’s weekends? I went to New York Renaissance Faire, like the huge dork that I not-so-secretly am. This week’s theme was “Kilt Weekend,” and I discovered that there are a lot of men with way nicer legs than mine. It happens. And while I didn’t dress up, I did wear something apropos for the occasion.

This magical concoction is Starlight Polish Dragon Scales, a teal-blue jelly base with gallons of bronze/gold/green shifting shimmer. I used two coats on its own, but it can be layered, which I think would help with the tiiiiny bit of translucence I have at my tips if that sort of thing bothers you. It was less visible in person though, the shimmer totally drowned it out.

This didn’t shrink back once I put on topcoat either, which I’m thrilled about! Jellies always do that to me because they hate me. But not Dragon Scales. She’s too good for that.

Flash pic! Look at that yummy shimmer. Fabulous!

And finally, Dragon Scales in indirect light, where she’s still very pretty and dignified.

Am I making it obvious enough that I’m in love with this polish? I’ve had it on for three days and I still can’t stop staring at my nails! (I should also mention that it still hasn’t chipped at all! Though I’m not sure how much of that is due to the quality of the polish or to my daily application of Duri Rejuvacote on top of it.)

This is my first experience with Starlight Polish and it sure as heck won’t be my last. I actually bought a second polish from them and plan to wear and swatch that soon; I’m so excited to try it out now, haha.

Their polishes can be purchased at their Etsy shop!

Thanks for reading! ❤