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Dupes! Pacific Blue & Butler Please

So a few months ago, a very sweet coworker of mine gave me a big ol’ box of nail polish that she’d collected over the years but never wore. I looked through it and, what should I find but a bottle of the original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue? 😀

Seeing as I own a bottle now, and had been trying to find a dupe for it for a while, I figured I’d see how it compares to the closest dupes that I’d heard of from around the web/that I happen to have in my possession. I haven’t been able to get my hands on Barry M Damson, which I’ve heard is almost identical to Pacific Blue. That aside, let’s jump right in.


These are all my contenders, plus the OG PB herself. We have Sally Girl Epic, Pacific Blue, Julie G Cabana Boy, and China Glaze I Sea The Point.


On my pointer finger, I have Sally Girl Epic, which comes only in mini bottles from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I only needed one coat, and Epic is just the teensiest, tiniest, itty bittiest touch lighter than Pacific Blue (although it looks identical on camera!). It’s definitely a good choice.

My middle finger obviously has Pacific Blue on it, haha.

On my ring finger is my personal favorite of the bunch, Julie G Cabana Boy, which is nearly identical to Pacific Blue but is just the tiniest hair darker. I’ve heard different things about Cabana Boy’s formula – I only needed one thick coat here, but I’ve read that it can be streaky and not fun to apply. I have a theory regarding that—beneath my swatches, I applied a coat of liquid latex so that I could peel the polish off once I’d finished my swatches, and it made my nails matte. Therefore, I think I unintentionally did the matte topcoat trick for making streaky polishes easy to apply, and accidentally made it a one-coater. Cool!

My pinky finger has the least dupey of them all, China Glaze I Sea The Point. It’s certainly a pretty color and also has a great one-coat formula, but it’s not a dupe for Pacific Blue.


I am gonna go ahead and say that Epic and Cabana Boy are both nearly identical to Pacific Blue, so either of them could serve as dupes—I guess your preference would mostly depend on how you feel about mini bottles, haha.

But wait!

I ended up with more dupes than I’d originally intended. While looking for other blues to include, I noticed that I had three blues that don’t match Pacific Blue, but are identical to another highly coveted blue – this one isn’t hard to find but has a terrible, terrible formula.


China Glaze I Sea The Point, and Sally Hansen In Prompt Blue (from their Insta-Dri line) are both exact dupes of Essie Butler Please, only with waaaaaay better formulas that cover in one coat! Butler Please can become a one-coat polish if you use aforementioned matte topcoat trick – pictured here is only one coat. But it’s the most expensive of the three! So it’s not worth it to spend that kind of money on a polish that requires special precautions just to make it wearable. You’re better off getting the China Glaze or Sally Hansen.

I hope this helped out somebody who was searching for a Pacific Blue or Butler Please dupe. PB or BP, haha.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤