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It is what it is

“I’m going to start updating consistently!” she said, before promptly disappearing for months. Oops.

I’ve actually been updating my Instagram this whole time because it’s easier for me. Writing posts for each manicure I was doing was just so exhausting because I was hit with The Depression fairly badly a few months back. But I’m doing okay now! You know, relatively.

I’m just going to put all of my manicures from the last few months together into maybe three or four posts over the next few days, and keep the descriptions basic and not ramble as I’m known to do.


Two coats of Native War Paints Classic Essentials Alison, a periwinkle grey with silver shimmer.  The formula and brush on this were fantastic, it basically painted itself on.


Essie Virgin Snow, a periwinkle bordering on lavender, opaque in 2-3 coats depending on your application. This is probably one of my top ten favorite shades in my collection, and you guys seem to agree with me because this was my most popular post on Instagram ever!


Two coats of Colors by Llarowe Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. This is a navy jelly with tiny silver microglitter. This is just about an exact dupe for the original Essie Starry Starry Night! Formula was easy to apply, although I did get those little tacky, stringy things on the tips of my nails that you sometimes get with jelly polishes.


Two coats of Zoya Merida, a forest green packed with silver holographic flakies. Formula on this was excellent, as is typical of Zoya.


My pointer, middle, and pinky fingers have two coats of Zoya Yara, while my ring finger has two coats Zoya Ziv. I thought Ziv would complement the gold shimmer in Yara, and I was right! I felt very chic in this mani.


I wore this manicure close to Valentine’s Day. This is Rainbow Honey Be Mine, topped with Rainbow Honey XOXO.


And this is what I actually wore on Valentine’s Day! I put down three thin coats of OPI Mimosas For Mr. And Mrs., and topped it with a glitter gradient of Sally Hansen Strobe Light, which I used on its own for an accent nail.

Good to be back. Stay tuned. ❤



I mean… the Kraken!


Sigh. Rainbow Honey The Kraken was my first ever polish lemming. It was out of stock for a long, long time before it was given a final restock for its retirement… so of course, I got a bottle and a backup. Pictured is two coats with topcoat. It dries a little bumpy, but a thick coat of glossy topcoat will take care of that.


I feel like I’m staring at shining, metallic seashells through ocean water at the beach when I look at this! It’s so complex and beautiful. This polish contains multiple sizes of metallic blue hex glitters and metallic gold holographic glitters suspended in a blue jelly base. There’s also a flash of aqua shimmer that adds another layer of complexity. I’m really enamored with this thing!

The formula’s a little thick, but not terrible. And unfortunately, I can’t speak for how easy or difficult removal is because I used a peel-off basecoat. Sorry!

And that’s that! Thanks for reading. ❤


Celestial Honey

Good evening, my darling readers! I hope you’re all staying warm on this chilly February evening. I’m all cuddled up with my puppy while I do some swatching. 😉

I swatched a few assorted Rainbow Honey colors that I’d had yet to wear. Let’s get right into it!

This is Rainbow Honey Celestial Hydra, a frosty ice blue with tiny white shards suspended in the base. I’ve never seen anything like it! It needed four coats for opacity, and it dries a little thick and a bit lumpy, but the drying time is actually really fast which was a nice surprise. The formula wasn’t thick going on, but the base likes to stick to itself when you’re adding coats, so you might want to wait for the polish to dry completely between coats. This was one of the polishes from the Planet X trio.


And the final polish in the Planet X trio is Rainbow Honey Charonova. It’s an amethyst base with blue shimmer and some iridescent flakies. The formula feels thin, but is really easy to apply and doesn’t try to run. On my four fingers I have two coats over Ciate Burlesque, and it really brought that blue shimmer out! On my thumb I have four coats on its own to make it opaque – this dries down  very “thin” so four coats doesn’t feel awkward or gummy once it’s dried. This also dries incredibly quickly!

And finally is Rainbow Honey Aurora. This polish is amazingly complex, a clear base that’s absolutely brimming with metallic glass fleck shimmer in silver, gold, blue and light green. And in certain lights, it’s blindingly blingy! It’s opaque in three coats, and this thing dries beastly fast.

My love for this brand knows no bounds, haha.

Thanks for reading!


Be Mine, Magic Glitter!

Man, you guys all know how much I love Rainbow Honey by now. Let’s not even go into that. I just recently nabbed a couple of polishes from their Sweet Talk collection from a seller on Storenvy – the collection’s being re-released sometime this month – because I wanted some cute pink stuff to wear during February. 😛


I’m not generally a fan of the way pink looks on me unless it’s neon or very coral/peach-leaning. That said, I did very much like Rainbow Honey Be Mine on its own. It’s a warm toned rose pink base with tiny gold flakes, and it was fully opaque in two coats. It actually had an amazing formula, Rainbow Honey’s formulas tend to err on the thick side but I had no problems with this one at all.


I topped it with the magic that is Rainbow Honey XOXO. I loved this mani infinitely more once I got this glitter on it. XOXO is a clear base with gold shimmer, small and micro fuchsia metallic hex glitters, and a smattering of very very fine gold holographic particles—possibly tiny glitter/flakes or larger shimmers, I can’t quite tell. This has great glitter coverage with one coat, and the glitters needed minimal manipulation.


Something about this had me totally hooked. That glitter topper, man—I need to see what it looks like over other colors.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤

Lots of snow… and lights

Seeing as we got over two feet of snow, I thought it’d be appropriate to post this mani (my second post today!).


This sparkly as heck manicure is two coats of Julie G Cabana Boy, topped with one coat of the shimmery glitterbomb that is Rainbow Honey Snow And Lights. Look at that blingy, shifty goodness! I’m in love.


Snow And Lights is gorgeous and complex. The glitter is a mix of small and medium metallic silver hexes, and small and medium metallic dark blue hexes. It’s in a translucent shimmer base that subtly shifts from light blue to lavender purple, which I couldn’t really capture on the nail in my photos but is obvious in person/in the bottle.

I don’t normally wear glitter toppers—my heart belongs to flakies and shimmers—but I really like this one a lot! Way to go, Rainbow Honey. 😀

Thanks for reading, and stay warm my lovelies!


Comets of Planet X

So this is what wasn’t supposed to be, but turned out to be my NYE manicure, haha. I mean, I definitely put this on with NYE in mind but had intended to change it. Oh well, it still looked nice. 😛


You’re all probably well aware of my ongoing love affair with Rainbow Honey’s nail polishes. My base here is just a basic grey creme from them, Rainbow Honey Planet X. It was surprisingly sheer on one coat, but completely opaque in two and had a great formula. Not thick at all, which was nice.


It turned out to be perfect to throw OPI Comet In The Sky over – it was dark, but you can still see Comet’s black glitter over it. Comet itself is great too, with its mix of different sized matte black and iridescent hex glitters. I believe this came out in OPI’s holiday collection last year – the Gwen Stefani one, I think. It’s pretty cool. I saw promo images of it and knew I had to have it. 😛

Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day!


Holiday Manicures

Post #2 today! I’m on a roll, haha. I wanted to post all of my holiday manicures that I’ve done thus far today, and I realized that Goldeneye/Milan should probably have their own post.

Let’s jump right in!


This gorgeousness is Rainbow Honey Demeter, part of a holiday duo – I couldn’t tell you from what year, though. I was actually sent a free mini of the other half of the duo, Persephone, but I haven’t swatched it yet. Neither one of them are available anymore, I’m afraid, although the folks down at the Rainbow Honey Lab will occasionally re-release colors in their Vault. Fingers crossed!


Demeter is a beautiful blue-toned green base just brimming with tiny gold flakes. The flakes are tinted by the base, however, so everything comes together to create this insanely rich glass-flecked emerald green. And, because Rainbow Honey polishes are usually fairly thick, I only needed one coat and it dried insanely fast! I’m honestly so in love with this, haha.


Next is a manicure featuring a base of OPI Got The Blues For Red topped with Sally Hansen Eyelet from their Luxe Lace line (say that five times fast!). Got The Blues is almost like a jelly finish, and I was surprised to need three coats with this! But it’s beautiful, so I’ll let it pass.

Eyelet contains four different sizes of matte white hex glitters, but I was completely unable to get any of the largest size. I still like how it looks all together, though. Shown is one coat with a little swirling and dabbing. You might need to push the larger glitters back, as they may want to hang off the end of your nail.

And now for my showstopper.


I told you you’d be seeing more of Nine Zero Lacquer around here! What I’m wearing here is one deep forest green coat of b.s.n. Nail Lacquer Midnight Marsh, topped with one incredibly dense coat of Nine Zero Lacquer Stocking Stuffer, which is probably my favorite of the four polishes I bought from them. I’ve honestly never received more compliments on a manicure in my entire life than I have on this one, haha.


Stocking Stuffer has a lot going on—you have matte white circle glitters (snowballs!), metallic red squares and hexes, metallic green hexes, 3d silver squares, two sizes of 3d silver hexes, and tiiiiiiny 3D microglitter. At first I thought that there was transparent iridescent glitter in there as well, but those turned out to just be the silver pieces reflecting crazy colors at me! I love this so much.


I even managed to get a macro shot of it! Pardon the bubbles, though—I used two layers of two different topcoats on this, one of which had gone super thick over time and caused the bubbling. But hopefully this will give you all a better look at what’s going on in that crazy festive mess!

Nine Zero Lacquer can be purchased here, and Rainbow Honey can be purchased over here!

Thanks for reading… again!