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An Assortment

This is the bluest blue I’ve ever seen in my entire life, holy moly.


This is PopBeauty Cool Cobalt. Just look at it!! Application was beautiful. It’s opaque in two coats, although I’m wearing three here because I knicked a few fingers and wanted to smooth everything out. I kind of want to say that this has a jelly-ish formula, since it has a sort of jelly look at one coat, but doesn’t dry super glossy like a jelly would (the picture above is without topcoat).  It’s an enigma!


I topped that with one coat of Super Black Lacquer HBIC, which has got to be one of my favorite polish names ever!! haha.  It’s a royal blue jelly with what I think are gold holographic hex glitters—it’s hard to tell! They  may just be silver hexes that look gold against the blue. I should have added a second coat of this to give it more depth… Next time.


And here’s this beautiful taupe with pink shimmer, Native War Paints Jessica, from their NWP Classic Essentials line, thrown in for good measure. I have a buffer to get through, whaddaya want from  me? ;P

The formula on this was really good, opaque in two coats which I wasn’t expecting! And it applied really nicely. The only issue I had, which is apparently fairly common with this brand, is that there were some bits of unmixed pigment floating around in the polish. You can just swipe them right off with the brush, though, so I don‘t have any complaints.

That’s all here. Thanks for stopping by!