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Neon Egg Hunt

Y’all, I’m running out of titles for these things. Usually I’ll just string together words from the names of whatever polishes I have in these weird mish-mash swatch posts, but… I can only produce so much nonsense, y’know?


This beauty is Ellagee Jeweled Egg Hunt, a clear base packed with gold holo microglitter, and fuchsia and pink holo hexes. Two coats is probably fine for most people, and is what’s pictured in my swatch, but three coats would be needed to totally fill in the spots between  the glitters. This was a little thick, as is expected with dense glitter polishes, but I didn’t have any trouble painting it on. This was so sparkly and magnificent!


Did I mention that these were taken during the tail-end of summer? haha. My swatch shows a white base with two coats of Salon Perfect Yowza Yellow on top. This thing is blinding! It’s a perfect highlighter yellow. This was my first time using a proper neon, so I can’t speak for how the formula compares to other neons—neons are known to be tricky to use. I had quite a bit of bubbling with this (a few hours after taking the swatch photos), but I think that was because of my application rather than the polish itself.


And this is Salon Perfect Copacabana Girl, also two coats over a white base. It’s a warm-toned hot pink neon with a subtle pink shimmer running through it. My poor camera never had a chance with this one. I enjoyed the hell out of the Salon Perfect neons this summer, they surprised me a lot.

That’s everything for now! Thanks for reading.


There’s no Olivia Newton John in this Xanadu




First is this unnamed chartreuse color from Cosmetic Arts. I wanted to see if my new method of lighting my photos made it easier to photograph neons and neon-like colors. I think it’s quite effective! Even if my cuticle line is lacking—I painted this in a hurry before heading to the beach, because I wanted to blind everyone. 😉


This is technically a reswatch even though I’ve never featured this color on my blog before. Pictured is Deborah Lippmann Xanadu, two coats of it over a black creme. It’s a metallic blue finish that shifts to purple and has blue metallic hex glitters mixed in.


Xanadu, along with Lippmann’s Dreamweaver, is one of the many colors that I swatched and lost the photos of when my computer/harddrive broke those two times. Whoops.

That’s all I’ve got for today! Thanks for reading.


Find Me A Guava!

It’s weird; in the last year or two, I started unconsciously paying attention to “seasonal” colors. I just don’t feel in the mood to wear dark wine red, burgundy, purple or brown colors in spring or summer. Since it’s spring, I’ve found myself reaching for lighter or more vibrant colors. Also, I’m sporting stubs since I apparently can’t stop breaking my nails. 😦


First is Essie Find Me An Oasis, a pale, almost white blue. It’s definitely more of a sky blue, as opposed to leaning more periwinkle or purple like Essie Virgin Snow. This was one regular coat topped with one fairly thick coat, but you’ll need three if you tend to do thinner coats. I got a lot of compliments on this mani, haha.


And gosh, this color freaked my camera out well and proper. I needed some serious color correction to make my hands look not quite so dimmed-out. This is Fresh Paint Guava, a neon corally-peach. Application was easy, and I used three coats if I recall correctly. Also, it glows hot orange under blacklight!! And for only three bucks, I’d say that this is an affordable must-have. If you’ve got a Five Below in your area, do pick this gal up, because she’s fabulous.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading, my lovelies! ❤


Sun’s Out, Holo Out

Hello, darlings! As the weather’s getting warmer, I’m finding myself drawn to brighter colors and holographic finishes, since the sun’s finally coming out. It’s pretty fun.



This is an unnamed polish from Cosmetic Arts. It’s an eye-searing chartreuse. I don’t have anything else like this in my collection. It was nearly opaque in two coats, but I opted for a third because I’m a little heavy-handed and I had some streaks that needed covering. My photos show it without topcoat.


And this is Essie Avenue Maintain. This is one coat. Holy cow!! With this light of a blue (“Parisian blue” according to Essie), that’s pretty wild. Color me surprised.


I decided to top this off with Nine Zero Lacquer Holo All The Things!! Topcoat. The holo on this thing is really intense, one coat’s all you’ll need. The formula’s a smidge thick, but not hard to work with.


I love this manicure. Gosh. And a lot of people at work loved it, too!


Aaaaand a blurry pic to show off that sweet, sweet holo.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading. ❤