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You’ve got a spring in your step

It’s beautiful outside and it’s warm and it’s breezy and I’ve been driving around with the windows down and my nails are so sparkly! It’s a great day. 😀


Today I’m sporting this blingy pastel glitter topper! This is Lacquer Lust Spring In Your Step; it’s incredibly dense and complex. It has tiiiiiiny tiny holographic silver microglitter, and several different sizes of pink, blue, green, and gold 3D hex glitters. And this is just one coat! I topped it over OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI, swatched here.


This polish is really thick, at least my bottle was, although it’d been sitting on my shelf for a few months before I finally tried it and it could absolutely be a fluke. That’s just the nature of the beast with dense glitter toppers, though—a thicker formula means fuller coverage in fewer coats. It wasn’t unworkable by any means, and it’s nothing a little thinner wouldn’t fix if it became a problem.

I see myself wearing this a lot this spring. I can’t wait. 😀

Lacquer Lust polishes can be purchased at the Lacquer Lust website (although this one is currently out of stock, sadly!).

Thanks for reading! ❤