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Stand In The Clouds

Holy pepperoncini, I have so many swatches I haven’t posted. Why do you keep letting your content pile up on you, Aley?


Let’s start with this pretty number. Her name is Kiko 532, and I’ve worn her before (back when my nails were tiny and square-shaped—what!!). She’s  a teal base with gold glass fleck shimmer, like those shimmers that Zoya does so well. I said this color reminded me of Zoya’s Remy, but it’s really more similar to Charla. The formula on this was fantastic and it covered in two coats.


I layered Femme Fatale Stand In The Clouds on top, and the result was stunning. This polish is fairly complex, but as far as I can tell, it’s a sheer aqua-colored base with gold shimmer, and small and micro holographic hex glitters. It looks a little “bumpy” because the shimmer covers up the glitter a little, but everything smooths out with topcoat. I felt like a mermaid with this! But then again, I always feel like a mermaid. 😉

Thanks for reading! See ya soon!


Jade and Mermaids

Hey all, welcome back to my little corner of the internet! I have some lazy nail art for you today, which is obviously the best kind.


I’ve finally discovered the magic of nail foils! I got this and several other designs from Dollar Nail Art where, as you may have gathered, everything is one dollar. This one is African Jade, a metallic gold design with a jade green pattern running throughout. I put this over one coat of Sally Hansen Liquid Gold to hide any spaces where the foil may not have applied properly—though thankfully it didn’t look like I needed it.

Nail foils will crack and shrink under any sort of clear polish or topcoat. You can protect them with a water-based polish, like the Aqua Base produced by Nfu Oh. I don’t have that, so I opted for Mod Podge, a water-based craft varnish. You can get a small bottle that’ll last you basically forever for under two dollars from any craft store. It applies a little weird, much like glue, but you can smooth it out with a coat of topcoat over it and make it nice and shiny!


This was the extent of my tipwear after my first full day of wear—pretty good for a transfer foil!


My next look is this mermaid scale design. I started yet again with a base of China Glaze Up All Night, a dark midnight blue with cobalt shimmer. It covers in one coat, which is perfect for using under many layers of polish. I added a lazy brushed-on “gradient” with Kiko Nail Lacquer 527, which I’ve swatched on its own before.


Next I went over the nail with a coat of one of my favorite toppersMaybelline Color Show Crystal Disguise, a light blue shimmer, and I topped everything off with Nfu Oh 54 and its magical, magical blue to green shifting flakies. This was a mystical, aquatic-looking design that was perfect for frolicking with the sharks at the aquarium. 😀

That’s everything for now! Thanks for swingin’ by and reading my not-entirely-coherent babbling. Catch ya next time!

-Aley ❤

Mermaids and Opals

Happy spring! We’re supposed to potentially have a snowstorm here in Jersey. What the heck, March?



Let’s start off with more of a summery color, haha. This is Kiko Nail Lacquer 527, a bona fide mermaid polish. It’s a teal base with an aqua shimmer—it reminded me of a lemming of mine, Pretty Serious Khepri’s Amulet (which I’m currently waiting for in the mail because I have no impulse control…), although the shimmer on that is more green-toned.

As per all of the Kiko polishes I’ve tried, the formula on this was flawless. It practically painted itself on and was opaque in two coats.

And then there’s this gorgeousness that I still have on now, which is making the typing of this post really difficult because I keep getting distracted by that breathtaking green flash, haha. This mani was inspired by Essie Just Stitched—I was wondering if I could replicate the look of that polish without having to deal with its less-than-stellar formula.

I started with a base of my favorite pink, Sally Hansen Petal Pusher. On top of that, I layered Color Club Lady Liberty, a green shimmer topper. I was going to stop there, but then… There she was, calling to me from my shelf among my untried Nfu Oh flakie polishes… Nfu Oh 39, a green to blue shifting flakie topper.

Top it all off with Julie G’s matte topcoat (which is so cheap and SO GOOD!!), and there you have it. So this ended up as more of an experiment than I’d originally intended, but the result is positively mystifying—it looks like opals on my nails! The green shimmer is way more vibrant in person, confound this useless camera of mine.

If you have any combination of these polishes or similar colors, please do yourself a favor and slap all that good stuff together and show it to me.

Thanks for reading! ❤


Kiko 512

I’ve been developing a fondness for taupe polishes as of late. I might not care for the most famous, OPI You Don’t Know Jacques, but taupe makes me feel like a classy, classy lady. 😉


This is Kiko 512 “Metallic Rosy Taupe.” It’s, well, a taupe brown creme, with a subtle pink shimmer. I’m not sure where Kiko’s marketing team got the idea that this is metallic? The finish isn’t metallic at all. But it’s beautiful, so I don’t mind.

Kiko polishes always have amazing formulas, and this one was no exception. It went on buttery smooth and was opaque in two coats. Basically, Kiko is amazing and you should try it if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading! ❤


Kiko 529

What’s up, my lovely readers? I’m snowed in today! Maybe you’ll get more than one post today? Who knows! Let’s get right into the swatch pictures.

This is two coats of Kiko Cosmetics 529 “Metallic Beetle”, an incredibly deep shimmery blue. It almost looks more complex than it really is, if that makes any sense? Like, it kind of looks like you’d need to layer a few polishes to get it to look that way or something. I’m not sure how to describe it. But I know that I am continually impressed with how smooth and perfect Kiko’s formulas and finishes are, especially considering how affordable they are as well.

Aaaaaand then I had to go and ruin it.


I added two coats of Nina Ultra Pro Island Fever, a glowy blue flakie topper in a clear base. The flakes are beautiful! More blue-leaning and jewel toned than the other mainstream flakies in my collection. But the problem is, as you can see, it’s so base heavy as to be unusable—look how disgustingly blobbed on my polish looks in the second picture, and compare it to how nice my nails looked in the first. This is the only flakie I know of that you’d have to sponge on. :/

I rarely take things off right after I put them on, but this blobby mess was just too much for me. 😦

Here’s to better flakies in the future, haha.


Let’s Get Medieval!

Somebody’s been busy!!

That somebody’s me. I’ve been busy. But now things are calm, and I can finally post some photos that were meant to be uploaded two weeks ago. Woohoo! 😀

Two of my closest friends got married on the 3rd of this month! In honor of their Medieval-themed ceremony (the bride is a Medieval History major!), I did a manicure inspired by illuminated manuscripts.

I love how my ring finger looks so much smoother than the rest of my nails. That’s because it’s super fake. haha.

Anyways, I started with two mind-blowingly gorgeous coats of Kiko Cosmetics #39 Cobalt, from their Power Pro line. Seriously, this color is awe-inspiring under bright light. I went with this color because, in Medieval art, the second most expensive and rich paint was cobalt blue. Cobalt paint could only be made by grinding down cobalt blue glass, which was already pricey! No wonder it got so expensive. (The most expensive was ultramarine blue, which was made by grinding down lapis lazuli – considered a precious stone back then – fetched all the way from Egypt!)

Then I topped it with some genuine 24k gold flakes! This is one coat of Ninja Polish Midas Touch, one of the better (and not to mention most affordable) gold flake toppers on the market. I used this because illuminated manuscripts are also commonly gilded – that is, gold leaf is applied to it. I thought it was perfect. 😀

Sigh. It’s so lavish looking! I couldn’t stop staring at my nails, the gold combined with the bright cobalt blue was a sensory overload, haha. Of course, this would be too loud to wear at the wedding.

So I just did this instead! This is two coats of my favorite nude shade, Icing Today Is A Nude Day, topped with one coat of OPI Make Light Of The Situation from their spring Soft Shades collection. The rhinestone is from some random crystal pack from Michael’s Craft Store. 😛

Still rockin’ that fake ring fingernail here, with an additional fake index fingernail because I had another really bad break and refused to go to this wedding sporting nubs.

But yes, these are all my wedding-related manis from the last month! Hope you guys enjoyed them, and sorry for the longish silence. It won’t happen again. At least not soon. You know, probably.

You can get Kiko’s nail polishes from their website, and Midas Touch is still in stock!!! over at Ninja Polish’s online store.

Thanks for reading!

Numbers Only

Holy crap, guys. Holy crap. Let me tell you about Kiko’s nail polishes. (Also, I’m trying out using square formatted photos! Let me know what you think.)

This is Kiko Nail Lacquer 488, a pink-leaning coral with sparse gold shimmer. I keep saying that I never wear pink and then I go and keep doing it because the universe is trying to make a liar out of me. Unacceptable. But in all seriousness, I love this color.

The formula on this is literal perfection; my nails are only messy because I’m bad at painting them, haha. For someone with steadier hands, this would practically paint itself on. It only took two coats to reach opacity as well.

And this lovely color is Kiko Nail Lacquer 532, a teal base with gold glass fleck shimmer. I guess this would be considered a foil? The finish looks very foily to me but I don’t really know for sure. It’s almost like a teal version of Zoya Remy, where the gold particles look green because of the color of the base. It’s deceptive but it’s a gorgeous effect—I only saw that the flecks were gold once I started taking the polish off! And I guess it’s slightly visible in the bottle as well.

The formula on this was like butter as well. It was smooth and it didn’t try to run or pool in my cuticles or anything. And both of these polishes were ridiculously affordable; I think they sell at Kiko for about three dollars each (the website has them listed in GBP so I can’t tell you for sure!).

Have any of you guys tried Kiko polishes? What do you think of them?

Thanks for stopping by!