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Fall, fall, fall

Hey everyone! Thanks for putting up with my silence. I’ve got a few fall colors for you today!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen this beaut already. This is Different Dimension The Eagle Has Landed, a plum base with strong red-copper shimmer and scattered holo microglitter. This reached opacity in two coats and had a slightly thick but manageable formula. I got this to satisfy my lemming for OPI’s Peel Me A Gobi Grape (which I can only find online for $40—yikes!!), and did it ever deliver.


Next I have Julie G You-niverse, a gold-green-blue shifting metallic duochrome along the same vein as Zoya Aggie, OPI Just Spotted the Lizard, and the much sought-after Chanel Peridot. This is supposedly an exact dupe for the Chanel. Duochromes like this are generally sheer but build nicely; this was opaque in three coats. The formula on this was a little tricky—I started painting my pinky before the coats prior were totally dry, and you can see the unevenness that resulted. I adore this color and finish though.


Finally I have China Glaze Pearl Jammin’ from this year’s Rebel Collection for fall. It’s a pale dusty blue with an incredibly strong copper shimmer. This is so stunning; I usually hate how pearly finishes look on me, but this was absolutely ethereal and gorgeous in every light. I loved loved loved having this on my nails. It’s opaque in three coats and went on very easily.

Thanks for reading, come back soon. ❤


Rose Ocean

Hello hello! I fell off the wagon again. It happens! I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had a whole lot of time to paint my nails. Good news is, these pictures were taken some time ago, and my nails have gotten quite long again since. So there’s that! 😀


First I have Essie Naughty Nautical, a teal creme with a very subtle silver shimmer. This has an amazing formula, and was opaque in two coats! It’s a little on the dark side, but I still like this for spring.


This mani is super springy! My base color is two coats of Julie G Gelato In Venicetwo coats! This is a much cheaper, better formulated near-dupe for OPI’s Gargantuan Green Grape (the old, greener formula). Suffice to say, I was very impressed.

For the “abstract roses,” (they’re totally “abstract” and not just poorly done… I promise! :P) I used an opaque, nameless  baby pink by Cosmetic Arts, Rainbow Honey Lei Day for the shading, and Color Club Blank canvas for the highlights. For the leaves, I used Revlon Posh, OPI Jade Is The New Black for the shading, and Blank Canvas for the highlights again. I should have used acrylic paint for these, but I didn’t have any on hand. Next time… maybe.

I still really liked wearing this mani, though. It looked nice from a distance, haha. And that’s it for now! Thanks for swingin’ by. ❤


Lots of snow… and lights

Seeing as we got over two feet of snow, I thought it’d be appropriate to post this mani (my second post today!).


This sparkly as heck manicure is two coats of Julie G Cabana Boy, topped with one coat of the shimmery glitterbomb that is Rainbow Honey Snow And Lights. Look at that blingy, shifty goodness! I’m in love.


Snow And Lights is gorgeous and complex. The glitter is a mix of small and medium metallic silver hexes, and small and medium metallic dark blue hexes. It’s in a translucent shimmer base that subtly shifts from light blue to lavender purple, which I couldn’t really capture on the nail in my photos but is obvious in person/in the bottle.

I don’t normally wear glitter toppers—my heart belongs to flakies and shimmers—but I really like this one a lot! Way to go, Rainbow Honey. 😀

Thanks for reading, and stay warm my lovelies!


Dupes! Pacific Blue & Butler Please

So a few months ago, a very sweet coworker of mine gave me a big ol’ box of nail polish that she’d collected over the years but never wore. I looked through it and, what should I find but a bottle of the original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue? 😀

Seeing as I own a bottle now, and had been trying to find a dupe for it for a while, I figured I’d see how it compares to the closest dupes that I’d heard of from around the web/that I happen to have in my possession. I haven’t been able to get my hands on Barry M Damson, which I’ve heard is almost identical to Pacific Blue. That aside, let’s jump right in.


These are all my contenders, plus the OG PB herself. We have Sally Girl Epic, Pacific Blue, Julie G Cabana Boy, and China Glaze I Sea The Point.


On my pointer finger, I have Sally Girl Epic, which comes only in mini bottles from Sally’s Beauty Supply. I only needed one coat, and Epic is just the teensiest, tiniest, itty bittiest touch lighter than Pacific Blue (although it looks identical on camera!). It’s definitely a good choice.

My middle finger obviously has Pacific Blue on it, haha.

On my ring finger is my personal favorite of the bunch, Julie G Cabana Boy, which is nearly identical to Pacific Blue but is just the tiniest hair darker. I’ve heard different things about Cabana Boy’s formula – I only needed one thick coat here, but I’ve read that it can be streaky and not fun to apply. I have a theory regarding that—beneath my swatches, I applied a coat of liquid latex so that I could peel the polish off once I’d finished my swatches, and it made my nails matte. Therefore, I think I unintentionally did the matte topcoat trick for making streaky polishes easy to apply, and accidentally made it a one-coater. Cool!

My pinky finger has the least dupey of them all, China Glaze I Sea The Point. It’s certainly a pretty color and also has a great one-coat formula, but it’s not a dupe for Pacific Blue.


I am gonna go ahead and say that Epic and Cabana Boy are both nearly identical to Pacific Blue, so either of them could serve as dupes—I guess your preference would mostly depend on how you feel about mini bottles, haha.

But wait!

I ended up with more dupes than I’d originally intended. While looking for other blues to include, I noticed that I had three blues that don’t match Pacific Blue, but are identical to another highly coveted blue – this one isn’t hard to find but has a terrible, terrible formula.


China Glaze I Sea The Point, and Sally Hansen In Prompt Blue (from their Insta-Dri line) are both exact dupes of Essie Butler Please, only with waaaaaay better formulas that cover in one coat! Butler Please can become a one-coat polish if you use aforementioned matte topcoat trick – pictured here is only one coat. But it’s the most expensive of the three! So it’s not worth it to spend that kind of money on a polish that requires special precautions just to make it wearable. You’re better off getting the China Glaze or Sally Hansen.

I hope this helped out somebody who was searching for a Pacific Blue or Butler Please dupe. PB or BP, haha.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤