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I can heart-ly stand it

Happy love day, my lovelies! I hope this day finds you well, and that you buy a whole lotta discount chocolate tomorrow. 😉

This is what I’ll be wearing on my nails today.


On my pointer, middle, and pinky finger I laid down a base of China Glaze Let’s Chalk About It, a very very pale off-white pink. The formula was a little gummy, but not terrible as long as you don’t press too hard or overwork it, and it was basically opaque in two coats. The drying time was pretty normal, which I was not expecting at all and was pleasantly surprised by! A lot of people had a lot of issues with this one, but I didn’t find it very hard to work with.

Next, I went overtop Let’s Chalk About It with one coat of Julep Hartleigh. My bottle is “second-hand” and is pretty old (I’d never pay full price for Julep! haha), so I think some of the color is beginning to melt off the red glitters and stain the clear base slightly pink. But anyway, it should be a clear base with tiny red holographic microglitter, two different sizes of small matte white hex glitters, and some red metallic heart glitters. I had to fish for the heart glitter, but Julep bottles are so tiny that it was very easy to do so.

For my accent nail, I did three coats of Color Club Art Of Seduction on my ring finger. It’s a clear base absolutely packed with itty bitty metallic red microglitter, so dense that I probably only needed two coats. No sponging required! (Side note, this color is absolutely perfect for glitter gradients!)

And finally, I topped everything with Rainbow Honey’s Tea Biscuit scented topcoat to keep everything smelling sweet. 😉

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!

-Aley ❤