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Leaves fall in several ways

Hey all! Thanks for making it back here. 😉 I have a swatch and some lazy nail art today. Let’s jump right in.


Did I have a nail break? Nope. My left hand is both my swatching hand and my dominant hand, and my nails had gotten so long that I couldn’t hold a pen without stabbing myself in the palm! So I trimmed these bad boys and tried a bit of a different shape. I celebrated with three coats of Indigo Bananas Enchanted Lake, a deep forest green jelly packed with iridescent flakes. It truly does look like you’re staring at the surface of a calm, dark lake with fallen leaves floating in it! I dug this a lot.


Enchanted Lake reminded me that I had an entire collection of jelly toppers from Essie that I hadn’t so much as touched, so I decided to a blingy jelly manicure in the same style as my rainbow pride nails. This time I started with a base of dELiAs Silver (talk about a throwback!). This is an incredibly shiny silver foil, similar to Zoya’s Trixie although I don’t have that to do a comparison. Any silver would do, but this is what I had on hand.


I topped that with a generous coat of Formula X Hubba Hubble, a mix of chunky holographic hex glitters in a clear base. This may have actually been two coats, I don’t quite remember.


I topped that with Essie Pen & Inky, with a gradient of Essie No Shrinking Violet, a teal and purple jelly respectively. These are both from the Essie Silk Watercolor collection, which is similar in concept to OPI’s Color Paints, which I already had… but I have no self-control, so I got this collection too. Sue me. 😛

I tried to take this off, but I got frustrated with the tedious removal process that inevitably follows wearing chunky glitter. So instead, I took the blue and purple jellies off, then went over them with warmer fall tones.


First I put down Essie Highest Bidder, a fuchsia jelly, and topped that off with Essie Muse, Myself, a yellow jelly, in an attempt to make my nails look as close to red as possible. Instead, the jellies went on slightly patchy, which gave them this amazing fall-leaf look—at least that’s what I think they look like! So I bought myself a few extra days of not having to take all this crap off my nails, haha. 😛

I hope you guys enjoyed this wordy as hell blog post, haha. Thanks for reading. ❤


Whole lotta OPI

Hello all!

As I’ve grown my nail polish collection, I’ve become more discerning with what polishes I purchase—I now only pick up colors that I really love, rather than whatever’s available that I only kind of like. It’s time to say goodbye to a couple of my earliest colors.


First we have OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number. It’s a metallic cerulean blue. It’s pretty on the nail, but it’s sheer, runny, and had a hard to control formula. Not a fan. Also, this shows brushstrokes after drying, so a straight hand is a must. This was three coats. Three coats for a metallic is kind of ridiculous. Come on, OPI! You’re better than this. 😦


This is the incredibly similar OPI You Blue It. It’s a metallic… not-cerulean blue. Again, pretty on the nail, and easier to control than Miss Piggy’s Big Number, but also sheer and brush-strokey. This needed three coats, but even then had it patches that could have used another coat.


I topped You Blue It with OPI I Lilac Glitter, which came with it in a two-pack. It’s… weird, some metallic silver hex glitters mixed in with this sort of metallic and sort of iridescent bar glitter. The color’s pretty, but… that bar glitter, guys. It just makes your nails look all furry and I can’t deal. This is also really thick, because of how dense the glitter is. I swatched these two together before, and while I apologize for the ragged state of my cuticles in that link, the older photos give a better idea of what the glitter looks like.


And… sigh. Cara mia. This is OPI Put It In Neutral, from their 2015 soft shades collection. I hadn’t worn this, and I found out that it wouldn’t get opaque, so I was going to destash it… I actually decided to keep it after swatching it for this photo. This color makes my nails look so clean and pretty! And it’s a flesh-toned jelly, which can make for some interesting jelly sandwiches. Pictured is three coats, although this polish goes on smooth and doesn’t streak, so it works perfectly as a sheer topper.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. Thanks for swingin’ by my little corner of the internet.


Rainbows on Rainbows on Rainbows

I redid my rainbow nails to attend NY Pride! Let’s take a look.


As with last time, I started with a base of OPI Silver Canvas. Unlike last time, where I topped that with Essie Set In Stones, I opted for a holographic chunky glitter to really make this thing rainbow! This one is Formula X Hubba Hubble, which dries slightly textured but has good distribution in one coat. Then I sponged on OPI Magenta Muse, OPI Primarily Yellow, OPI Turquoise Aesthetic, and OPI Purple Perspective again, to create the rainbow gradient. On top of that is one coat of Salon Perfect Cosmic Dust, for more rainbows, because go big or go home.

I wish this had photographed better. Oh well. 😦

Thanks for reading!



Are you ready for a brand you’ve probably not gotten the chance to encounter?



This is W.i.n Cosmetics #13. I’ve only ever seen this brand in one store and I can’t find it online anywhere. It eludes me. It’s a shame because their jellies are bangin’.



This is two coats with no topcoat. Look how flippin’ shiny and perfect this looks!!


Of course, I couldn’t leave it alone—I gave it some frosted tips, because it’s that time of year, I suppose!



This is Nails Inc. Winter Mews from their Crushed Diamonds line.




I quite liked this mani. It didn’t wear well at all though—I had such bad tip wear by the end of the next day that I ended up removing it. Is it because jellies generally have bad wear time? I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll be sure to try more jellies and more W.i.n, though.