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Flakie Photodump

Hello again, lovelies! Someday I will come up with a nickname for my readers, I just… don’t have enough readers to warrant doing that yet. But someday!

Anyhow. I’m kind of itching to get through my photo buffer, because now I’m getting to a point where I have too many photos and I’m spending way too long trying to decide what to post, and then there’s too many photos to edit… So I’m including a few manis at once in this post.

This post is going to be very image heavy!!

Let’s get started! This is two coats of OPI My Car Has Navy-gation, which is a super pretty slightly purple-leaning bright navy. The formula leaves a bit to be desired though, it was a little tricky. I don’t think this dries quite semi-matte, but it’s definitely not glossy and will require topcoat to get that nice shine. Above is without topcoat.


And then I topped it with pure magic. And by that I mean ILNP Electric Carnival, a gorgeous fuchsia to gold to green shifting multichrome flakie. This was only one coat!! Electric Carnival, like the rest of ILNP’s flakie line, has incredible payoff. It can be layered to complete opacity in as little as three coats. 😀

And… hm. This is a polish by Cosmetic Arts (made by the same company as Color Club) and it doesn’t have a name—none of them do! I’ve been calling this one Lava Flow, hehe. It’s pretty brushstroke-y and doesn’t look nearly as nice as it does in the bottle, so it’s kind of disappointing.

I didn’t swatch the Cosmetic Arts polish on its own—those fancy gold flakes are New York Color Top Of The Gold. It really does make this polish look like lava. 😀

It’s too bad that reddish colors don’t look very good with my skintone. Oh well!!

For my last flakie mani, I decided to recreate one of my earliest manicures on my blog now that the quality of my photos has improved. This is one coat of Color Club Naughtycal Navy, which is indistinguishable from black in anything but direct light, topped with H&M Glitter Nail Polish 3D Glitter. You need to dab a lot to get full coverage since this polish is pretty base heavy, but it leaves a lot of bubbles as a result, so… application could be a little better, haha.

It holds a special place in my heart regardless, because of how jewel-like it makes my nails look. 😀

Thanks for reading!



One of my recent shameless nail polish splurges was purchasing a bunch of ILNP’s multichromes. I’m so glad I did, because they’re a gorgeous shifty rainbow feast for the eyes. If your eyes could eat things, they would devour these. Also, it’d be pretty terrifying.


But enough of that nonsense! Look at this pretty thing.




This is two easy peasy fully-opaque coats of ILNP Sirène (H). It’s an impressive multichrome that shows primarily teal and purple, but shifts between greens, blues, and purples, and sometimes gold—you can see the gold on my index finger in the last photo.


Most of ILNP’s multichromes have two versions – the original, with all its shifty goodness, and a holographic (H) version that also has an extra sparkly rainbow kick to it. The sunlight really brings out the holo—unfortunately for my sad little pictures, it’s that time of year when the sun’s only out for a measly couple of hours. No direct sunlight photos for me.


ILNP’s also releasing a collection of multichrome flakie toppers very shortly. If they’re anything like their predecessors, they’re going to be gorgeous.