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We’re back!

Oh my goodness I’m so far behind. But… well, keep on keepin’ on, as they say. That doesn’t make sense in this context. Just roll with it.

Anyways. I have some basically entirely unrelated colors for you today, because that’s just how we do over here in Honeyfalls Town. Get into it.


First I have Icing Mintage. Why do I never hear people talking about this brand? I’ve only had good experiences with it. Mintage is a perfect springy mint green with a nice subtle silvery shimmer. I’m pretty sure this was two coats, but this manicure was from months ago, so… oops.


I was just questioning why on earth I would wear this sort of red in the middle of spring, as I keep my colors very seasonal for seemingly no reason though. But, I remember throwing on OPI Chick Flick Cherry for International Women’s Day! I couldn’t actually take part in any protests, so the least I could do was show my support by wearing red. That aside, Chick Flick Cherry had a pretty easy formula, and it’s a nice holiday red, I think!




Last I have Finger Paints What A Night. This is either a very finely milled glitter, or a very chunky shimmer in a clear base. It’s a little perplexing. Either way, it’s very pretty color that shifts from pink to gold! This was three coats.

That’s all today! I’ll be back soon… you know, hopefully.


Ironically I forgot about this one

Hello all!! I have a short post today. It’s about an unexpected favorite that’s been hiding in my stash for the longest time!  Let’s get right into it.


This shade is Icing Something Blue. It’s a blue-toned periwinkle with a fairly strong silver shimmer, similar to Essie’s Bikini So Teeny. There’s something about this that’s colorful and fun, yet understated and classy. The formula was great as well; it was a little streaky but very opaque in one coat, and covered fully in two.


It’s also the perfect forget-me-not blue! These dainty li’l guys have been my favorite flowers for a long, long time. The moment I realized that Something Blue was their perfect color match, I had to slap it on. Can you believe I’d never seen forget-me-nots in person before spotting them while visiting my local arboretum and taking this picture?

And that’s all I’ve got for ya this time around! Do any of you have any polishes that make you think of flowers?


The mermaids are up all night

Hello again! I hope everyone’s week is going well so far. I don’t have much today, let’s get right into the swatches!


Let’s start with one super opaque coat of China Glaze Up All Night. I’ve worn this before as part of a more complex manicure, but I’d yet to swatch it on its own until now. It’s an incredibly dark inky blue, with a cobalt shimmer that makes it look lit from within.


I added Icing Aspiring Mermaid, a bright aqua shimmer, on top. I’d intended to layer this for an extra shimmery effect, but Aspiring Mermaid ended up being more opaque than I’d originally thought, and too streaky to layer with. This is three coats on top of Up All Night. The under layer was definitely not necessary, haha.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading. ❤


Let’s Get Medieval!

Somebody’s been busy!!

That somebody’s me. I’ve been busy. But now things are calm, and I can finally post some photos that were meant to be uploaded two weeks ago. Woohoo! 😀

Two of my closest friends got married on the 3rd of this month! In honor of their Medieval-themed ceremony (the bride is a Medieval History major!), I did a manicure inspired by illuminated manuscripts.

I love how my ring finger looks so much smoother than the rest of my nails. That’s because it’s super fake. haha.

Anyways, I started with two mind-blowingly gorgeous coats of Kiko Cosmetics #39 Cobalt, from their Power Pro line. Seriously, this color is awe-inspiring under bright light. I went with this color because, in Medieval art, the second most expensive and rich paint was cobalt blue. Cobalt paint could only be made by grinding down cobalt blue glass, which was already pricey! No wonder it got so expensive. (The most expensive was ultramarine blue, which was made by grinding down lapis lazuli – considered a precious stone back then – fetched all the way from Egypt!)

Then I topped it with some genuine 24k gold flakes! This is one coat of Ninja Polish Midas Touch, one of the better (and not to mention most affordable) gold flake toppers on the market. I used this because illuminated manuscripts are also commonly gilded – that is, gold leaf is applied to it. I thought it was perfect. 😀

Sigh. It’s so lavish looking! I couldn’t stop staring at my nails, the gold combined with the bright cobalt blue was a sensory overload, haha. Of course, this would be too loud to wear at the wedding.

So I just did this instead! This is two coats of my favorite nude shade, Icing Today Is A Nude Day, topped with one coat of OPI Make Light Of The Situation from their spring Soft Shades collection. The rhinestone is from some random crystal pack from Michael’s Craft Store. 😛

Still rockin’ that fake ring fingernail here, with an additional fake index fingernail because I had another really bad break and refused to go to this wedding sporting nubs.

But yes, these are all my wedding-related manis from the last month! Hope you guys enjoyed them, and sorry for the longish silence. It won’t happen again. At least not soon. You know, probably.

You can get Kiko’s nail polishes from their website, and Midas Touch is still in stock!!! over at Ninja Polish’s online store.

Thanks for reading!

Messy Easter egg nails!

Take THAT, weather! It was supposed to rain all holiday weekend—joke’s on you! It’s totally nice out!


Since there was decent lighting today, I decided last minute to do some nail art (my first attempt!). I wanted to make my nails look like some kitschy dyed glittery Easter eggs, haha.


I’m happier with it than I thought it would be! I always figured that I wouldn’t be able to pull off nail art because my hands shake and I’m left-handed (you only ever see my left hand in photos, meaning that it’s my worse side!). This was simple enough to do, though. 😀


I started with two runny coats of Hard Candy Prep Squad. Luckily it evened itself out.


Then I used a nail art brush and painted a stripe of Hard Candy Sweet Retreat. I went over it a second time to make it more opaque.


Some tiny dabbing motions with a Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art pen made the white lines.


I topped it off with a sparing coat of Icing Wifey to give it that glittery kitschy look. :B

Happy Easter, everybody!

Nude Day

My poor nails. They break at the slightest touch! Maybe it’s because I don’t drink enough water. (I’m actually half lizard. Don’t tell anyone.)


So here are my tiny short baby nails in Icing Today is a Nude Day topped with Nina Ultra Pro Pink Frost. I’m kicking myself for not getting pictures of Nude Day on its own! (Note: if anyone ever asks you for pictures for anything called Nude Day, run.)


Pink Frost is interesting. It’s fleshy pink in the bottle, but it’s sheer and adds a cute frosty blue shimmer to whatever base color you put it over. I imagine it’d simply show as blue over a black base, much like Maybelline Color Show Crystal Disguise, only with more uniform coverage.



I have a few polishes that look one color in the bottle and look totally different when layered. I think I’ll make a master post of all of those one day. It’d be a fun little experiment.