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Comparison – Butter London Airy Fairy & Hard Candy Bitty Blue

Hello, all! Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve had a very busy week, and another nail break, so now they’re even shorter than they are in these pictures… 😦

Anyway! I noticed some dupes in my collection, so I decided to compare them.


On my index and ring fingers, I have two coats of Hard Candy Bitty Blue. My middle and pinky fingers have two coats of Butter London Airy Fairy. Each is a shimmery blue with a pink shimmer that doesn’t actually translate to the nail, haha.


These are… completely identical. Like, I could have walked around with these two skittled on every other finger for a complete manicure, and even up-close you wouldn’t be able to tell that I used more than one polish.

The Hard Candy polish retails for $3.80, while the Butter London is $17.50 (although I got mine for cheap at TJ Maxx).  If you’re really dying for Airy Fairy, or even just kind of want it, just go to Walmart and get Bitty Blue for a fraction of the price. Seriously.

Thanks for reading! ❤


The Return: A Whole Lotta Essie

Aaauuaugh I hate not being able to blog!! I’ve been so busy lately that my poor blog’s been neglected. 😦 But I should have a little more time now that there won’t be any major holidays for a few more weeks… (I had a lot going on for Halloween, haha.)

I have a couple of nail art designs from, like… months ago? It’s been a while haha.

Eeeeeww please don’t mind that one random cat hair. It was stuck to the sponge I used for my gradient, I think, and I didn’t notice it on the nail. :/

This first mani uses all Essie, except for the white base. On my pointer, pinky and thumb I used Essie Saltwater Happy, which is pretty periwinkle blue with an adorable name to boot! This was two coats, and the formula was impeccable—I made a note of that because I know Essie is known for having… not great formulas for light colors like this one.

I didn’t have actual chevron nail vinyls, only stickers meant for french tip designs. Vinyls would have been easier to use, I’d wager, but I managed. Then I sponged on a gradient with Essie Find Me An Oasis at the top and Essie Bikini So Teeny at the bottom. These are both pretty sheer so I wouldn’t recommend them for sponging, it was poor planning on my part. 😛

Then I have this gal here, which was my first attempt at doing the saran wrap technique—painting a base, then blobbing on a few different colors and pressing down on it with a piece of saran wrap so it all blends and swirls together. I used Hard Candy Prep Squad, a pale lavender, as my base. Then I blobbed Prep Squad on top along with Find Me An Oasis (again!) and Essie Cascade Cool, a light, slightly lavender-toned dusty pink.

Did you know that white polishes meant for french tips are actually great for stamping? It’s because they’re thick and are meant to be opaque with one swipe. I can’t imagine having done this design with any other white. I used Color Club French Tip (per the fabulous Simply Nailogical’s suggestion) and I love it! It’s not perfect, but I’ll improve with some practice. The stamping plate is BM-XL16 from Bundle Monster.

That’s all I’ve got for today! I promise to be more active around here in the coming weeks~

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤

Messy Easter egg nails!

Take THAT, weather! It was supposed to rain all holiday weekend—joke’s on you! It’s totally nice out!


Since there was decent lighting today, I decided last minute to do some nail art (my first attempt!). I wanted to make my nails look like some kitschy dyed glittery Easter eggs, haha.


I’m happier with it than I thought it would be! I always figured that I wouldn’t be able to pull off nail art because my hands shake and I’m left-handed (you only ever see my left hand in photos, meaning that it’s my worse side!). This was simple enough to do, though. 😀


I started with two runny coats of Hard Candy Prep Squad. Luckily it evened itself out.


Then I used a nail art brush and painted a stripe of Hard Candy Sweet Retreat. I went over it a second time to make it more opaque.


Some tiny dabbing motions with a Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art pen made the white lines.


I topped it off with a sparing coat of Icing Wifey to give it that glittery kitschy look. :B

Happy Easter, everybody!

Hard Candy and Eternal Darkness

It’s that time of year where the sun is out for maybe fifteen minutes a day, it’s always snowing, and you start to wonder if it will ever be warm again.

That being said, I’m sorry for all the downtime I’ve had recently! There simply hasn’t been enough sunlight for me to get decent pictures. There isn’t any other way for me to get good lighting in my photos since I moved to my apartment. But spring will be here soon, and the sun will be shining, and I can get some good pictures! At least, in theory…



I picked up a couple of Hard Candy polishes a few months ago, so I thought it was high time I actually wore them. This is Hard Candy Touch of Teal, a sparkly teal with pink to yellow duochrome shimmer.



It was a smidge sheer. This was two coats, but I probably could have used a third.


It’s a very cute, sparkly color, but I’m a little disappointed with it—you can’t see the color shift at all when this is on your nail! 😦



And this is Hard Candy Bitty Blue. It’s essentially the same thing.




Again, you can’t see the color shift at all when you’re wearing this, but… I have to say, I really loved it anyway! This color’s very attention-grabbing. I was just going to swatch it and take it off, but I decided at the last second to wear it as a mani, and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would!

These are both sheer enough that you could layer one coat over black and have a cool glittery effect, I think. 😀