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Golden Rose

This brand was fairly new back when I purchased these, over a year ago… Now, not so much.


I’m wearing two polishes by Golden Rose here, Golden Rose Color Expert 28 (they only have numbers, no names) as my main mani and Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 112 as my glitter tips and accent nail. 28 is a red-toned plum color with slight blue shimmer (it’s never as apparent in real life as it is under the camera flash though unfortunately). 112 is a glitter topper with lilac microglitter, two different sizes of small silver hex glitters, and a very slight purple shimmer in the base.

I wasn’t surprised that the 28, the purple, was opaque in two coats, but I was surprised that 112, the glitter, was! It has amazing coverage and isn’t base heavy at all, and while you could sponge it on, you really don’t need to; two or three coats will have you covered. No pun intended.

Have any of you tried Golden Rose before? Where did you get it from? (Mine’s from a mall kiosk!)

-Aley ❤