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Sparkly Mess

Can it be Saturday yet? This “weekday” stuff is overrated, let me tell you.


Are you ready for a thick, complicated mess of a mani? It’s perfect for me, a thick, complicated mess of a person. ;P Step one! Start with two coats of Brucci Alexandra’s “Hot” Gray. Who is Alexandra? Why is this gray considered hot? The world may never know. This is a nice, medium gray, the likes of which I don’t own another of. So good work there, Brucci.


Step two! Take Maybelline Color Show Crystal Disguise and slap that stuff on. It’ll add a sheer coat of pretty blue sparkle to your mani. I have like four bottles of this so I need to use it more, haha. These were all bought before I knew the difference between limited edition polishes and core line polishes. Whoops.


Finally, you top it off with a coat of Revlon Cosmic Flakies to really make it a hot sparkly mess. In hindsight, I would have left my nails alone after Crystal Disguise but, oh well! Flakies are never a bad thing.

And that’s it! Check back soon. ;D


Leaves fall in several ways

Hey all! Thanks for making it back here. 😉 I have a swatch and some lazy nail art today. Let’s jump right in.


Did I have a nail break? Nope. My left hand is both my swatching hand and my dominant hand, and my nails had gotten so long that I couldn’t hold a pen without stabbing myself in the palm! So I trimmed these bad boys and tried a bit of a different shape. I celebrated with three coats of Indigo Bananas Enchanted Lake, a deep forest green jelly packed with iridescent flakes. It truly does look like you’re staring at the surface of a calm, dark lake with fallen leaves floating in it! I dug this a lot.


Enchanted Lake reminded me that I had an entire collection of jelly toppers from Essie that I hadn’t so much as touched, so I decided to a blingy jelly manicure in the same style as my rainbow pride nails. This time I started with a base of dELiAs Silver (talk about a throwback!). This is an incredibly shiny silver foil, similar to Zoya’s Trixie although I don’t have that to do a comparison. Any silver would do, but this is what I had on hand.


I topped that with a generous coat of Formula X Hubba Hubble, a mix of chunky holographic hex glitters in a clear base. This may have actually been two coats, I don’t quite remember.


I topped that with Essie Pen & Inky, with a gradient of Essie No Shrinking Violet, a teal and purple jelly respectively. These are both from the Essie Silk Watercolor collection, which is similar in concept to OPI’s Color Paints, which I already had… but I have no self-control, so I got this collection too. Sue me. 😛

I tried to take this off, but I got frustrated with the tedious removal process that inevitably follows wearing chunky glitter. So instead, I took the blue and purple jellies off, then went over them with warmer fall tones.


First I put down Essie Highest Bidder, a fuchsia jelly, and topped that off with Essie Muse, Myself, a yellow jelly, in an attempt to make my nails look as close to red as possible. Instead, the jellies went on slightly patchy, which gave them this amazing fall-leaf look—at least that’s what I think they look like! So I bought myself a few extra days of not having to take all this crap off my nails, haha. 😛

I hope you guys enjoyed this wordy as hell blog post, haha. Thanks for reading. ❤


No Correlation

The swatches I do would make a lot more sense if I posted them on time, as a “nails of the day” sort of thing. Unfortunately, I am incredibly lazy. This series of unrelated swatches will have to do for now!


This first color is Revlon Charming, a gorgeous cool lavender color. I’m consistently impressed with Revlon’s formulas—this one was easy to apply and opaque in two coats. 😀


Next is a returning color, Orly Smoked Out. Look how stubby my nails were back then!! (And how bad I was at cleanup!) I wanted to show how this dries un-topcoated, as this color has the potential to be a “throw-this-on-before-running-out-the-door” polish, depending on how you like your finishes. It’s opaque in one coat, and dries fairly fast due to its matte finish.


I then threw a coat of Pretty Serious Terrible Lizard on top of that badboy. I think they’re a pretty cool combo! Opaque multichrome flakies were all the rage last year, and we saw plenty of mixes of different colors of those flakies in single polishes. What we didn’t see much of at all was mixes of different shades of iridescent, color-shifting flakies like these. I think they make your nails look like opals. 🙂


And finally, I have Formula X Hera, a stunning rose gold holo flakie. The holographic effect on this is hands-down the most intense I’ve ever seen. As for the finish, it looks like it’s hard to tell; at first glance, I thought this was a dense glitter. When it’s on the nail, this looks more like those holographic silver flakies that Zoya has in their polishes (Storm, Dream, Aurora, Alicia, etc.), except in copper, and these lay completely flat on the nail much like those flakies. I don’t know what exactly is going on here, but it’s beautiful. And it was opaque in just two coats!

What do you guys think? Which of these finishes is your favorite?


Magic Rainbow Cake!

Happy birthday to meeeeee! 😀

I did my nails twice today, because rules are a human construct and I’m an anarchist.


Birthday cake!!! I used two of my favorite polishes for this mani, Spellbound Nails Upelkuchen for the cake batter base and the oh-so-yummy Essie Mink Muffs for the chocolate icing.


Then for the second mani, I started with a base of Boii Cosmetics Blindfolded. I’m pretty disappointed with this one, as the coppery-red shimmer that was so apparent in the photos on Boii’s website is hardly visible in this at all—I purchased this to satisfy my lemming for OPI Peel Me A Gobi Grape and I was left severely wanting. I might have gotten a bad bottle, and to be completely fair, I didn’t bother trying to return this for a refund. But its formula was flawless and it covered in one coat, so I’ll definitely give it due credit there!


Then I threw on one of my holy grail polishes, Nfu Oh 51. This is the ultimate in classic color-shifting pigments and flakies. Shown is one coat over Blindfolded.


Its color-shifting pigments and flakies go all the way from red, to gold, to green, to blue depending on the angle of the light. It’s always difficult to catch photographs of the shift! One day I’ll perfect my methods, haha.



I feel like you could franken this by combining Girly Bits Shift Happens, Girly Bits Thud!, and a purple jelly. Someone should try it!

That’s it for today! Thanks for swingin’ by. I’m gonna go have some real birthday cake now. 😀


Shine On

I broke a nail. 😦

It was about a week ago, as I was coming back from NYC. My nails had been the longest they’d ever been in my life before that. So I was a little bummed!

Buuuut…  as I was waiting for my train to go home, I spotted a perfume shop with an Essie display, and I had time to kill, so I went in.


And they had ESSIE SHINE OF THE FRIGGIN’ TIMES!!! All the Essie polishes were 2 for $10 so I went a little crazy and bought a bunch, haha. And then I was a little less sad. 😀


Magic. Magic, on my nails, in flake form, it’s happening, it’s here and it changes colors. Gosh. And this is one coat. One coat!! This thing is so dense I want to cry tears of unadulterated bliss.


Ahem. Anyways. What you’re seeing is Essie Shine Of The Times over Ciaté Burlesque, my go-to layering purple, and topped with Julie G Matte Topcoat.


(Pardon my dry cuticles here, I took this photo in my car and I didn’t have any moisturizer on hand!)

Shine Of The Times is a clear base packed with red/gold/green/blue shifting flakies. To my knowledge, these types of flakies are either discontinued or incredibly hard to come by, so this polish and many similar ones (Color Club Snow-Flakes, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, etc.) have been long discontinued.  Girly Bits Thud! is a good replica that’s still in production, however. 😀

That’s it for now! I was really happy to come across this gem. And now I have way more bottles than will ever be necessary, haha.

Thanks for reading!


Mermaids and Opals

Happy spring! We’re supposed to potentially have a snowstorm here in Jersey. What the heck, March?



Let’s start off with more of a summery color, haha. This is Kiko Nail Lacquer 527, a bona fide mermaid polish. It’s a teal base with an aqua shimmer—it reminded me of a lemming of mine, Pretty Serious Khepri’s Amulet (which I’m currently waiting for in the mail because I have no impulse control…), although the shimmer on that is more green-toned.

As per all of the Kiko polishes I’ve tried, the formula on this was flawless. It practically painted itself on and was opaque in two coats.

And then there’s this gorgeousness that I still have on now, which is making the typing of this post really difficult because I keep getting distracted by that breathtaking green flash, haha. This mani was inspired by Essie Just Stitched—I was wondering if I could replicate the look of that polish without having to deal with its less-than-stellar formula.

I started with a base of my favorite pink, Sally Hansen Petal Pusher. On top of that, I layered Color Club Lady Liberty, a green shimmer topper. I was going to stop there, but then… There she was, calling to me from my shelf among my untried Nfu Oh flakie polishes… Nfu Oh 39, a green to blue shifting flakie topper.

Top it all off with Julie G’s matte topcoat (which is so cheap and SO GOOD!!), and there you have it. So this ended up as more of an experiment than I’d originally intended, but the result is positively mystifying—it looks like opals on my nails! The green shimmer is way more vibrant in person, confound this useless camera of mine.

If you have any combination of these polishes or similar colors, please do yourself a favor and slap all that good stuff together and show it to me.

Thanks for reading! ❤


Positively Fowl

Hello again! It’s finally Friday! Everybody do a happy dance. 🙂


I have for you two magical coats of Orly Fowl Play! It’s a blackened plum jelly base with tiny silver microglitter and red-gold-green shifting, Essie-Shine-Of-The-Times-style flakies. The shift is apparent on the nails at certain angles, and though I couldn’t catch it on camera, you can see it in the bottle.


I don’t like how almost-black shades look on me, but the flakies and glitter made this look a little more dainty on my nails. It’s apparently also very similar to a very hard to find OPI called Merry Midnight, so it’s good to have around. 😉

Just a short and sweet post for today. Enjoy your weekend! ❤