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Oops, I did it again

I broke my laptop

And lost all my swatches

Oh baby, baby

Well, actually it’s just the hard drive that I broke, unlike last time (almost exactly a year ago!! gosh) where my lovely Duchess knocked a glass of water over onto my laptop and fried everything.

My point is, there shouldn’t be as much downtime as last time since it’s only the hard drive that’s damaged, while the laptop itself is fully functional. But I still have mobile blogging through the wonders of technology, so I’ll try to update here in the very likely event that the laptop situation is worse than I thought and hoped.

Thanks for stickin’ with me, my lovely readers. Let’s hope there’s a few less disasters in 2016. 😛

Interrupting Babies!

I’m gonna make a bit of a personal post… mostly as an excuse to gratuitously show off my babies. They’re very precious to me, and I think they fall under the category of “pretty things.” Or cute things. But that’s close enough.

This is my pretty kitty, Duchess. I’m convinced she’s Jane Seymour’s secret animal form, because neither of them age. Duchess is seventeen, which is pretty old for a cat, but you’d never know by looking at her! And she has no major health problems. She’s probably going to outlive me. :B

She likes plants as much as I do. But she mostly likes to just chew on them…

She’s a fluffy old grandma and I love her.

Mia’s my daughter. She’s half Pomeranian, and half Pekingese, which gives her her floppy ears and snaggleteeth. I love her snaggleteeth. They make her look like a fuzzy reverse vampire.

Sometimes she can look really majestic…

But she mostly looks like a huge goofball all the time. She’s not very smart, but I love her.

I got her groomed for the summer about two months ago, so this is what she looks like right now. She’s not too happy about her haircut.

I’m thinking of sharing some photos of my garden soon too, but I didn’t want this post to be too terribly long. I’ll leave it at this for now. 🙂

Cat Catastrophe

So my cat, Duchess, knocked over a glass of water a few nights ago. This is not an unusual occurrence, as her thirst for water is as voracious as her thirst for chaos.

I kid, though. She’s a mild mannered sweetheart.

… But she did totally spill that glass of water on my computer and fry the hard drive.


This means I won’t have any posts for a little while, although a replacement computer is on its way. All my photos were on there, though, so my post buffer is all gone… I’ve got to reswatch all my manicures I had photographed. 😦

Bear with me while I get my new laptop set up, and re-swatch everything, and get Photoshop again, and—

Yeah, pardon my radio silence for a little bit, you guys. Thanks for stickin’ with me. ❤