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Breaking out the gold!

Happy Saint Patty’s Day! Are you all sick of the constant green and gold on this blog yet?

Didn’t think so. 😉


What you’re seeing is two coats of Revlon Posh, a slightly blue-leaning emerald green creme (although my camera definitely made it look more yellow here than it actually is). This applies like a dream and was very nearly opaque in one coat, and is a gorgeous color. I never say that any nail polish is a “need to have” color, but Posh is honestly so amazing, and Revlon polishes are so affordable and widely available that I think that it’d be a great addition to anyone’s collection. 😀

On top of Posh, I have one coat of Ninja Polish The Midas Touch, a 24k gold flake topper. I figured that, if there was ever a time to break out the gold, today was it, haha.


On my ring finger, I have an accent nail of CrowsToes Wheeler’s Bag of Gold, which I’m convinced is actually magic. It’s a clear base that’s packed with tiny yellow-leaning gold flakes, and has gold holographic microglitter interspersed throughout. This is opaque in two coat s! That’s insane! The very similar (sans holo glitter) and highly coveted OPI Goldeneye reaches opacity in four. If you’re trying to decide between the two, the CrowsToes polish is definitely more worth your money.

And that’s it! I hope everybody’s having a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day.

Revlon is available at drugstores and supermarkets like CVS, Shoprite, Walmart, etc. The Midas Touch is currently sold out at Ninja Polish’s website, and I don’t foresee it being restocked anytime soon (I’ve been waiting on a restock of their white gold topper, He Went To Jarred, for a thousand years), but Ellagee has an identical topper for almost exactly the same price. And finally, Wheeler’s Bag of Gold is currently in stock on their website.

Thanks for reading! ❤