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Sugar n’ Spice n’ Confetti!

Hello, all! I hope everyone’s having a good holiday weekend. I’m trying to get through the buffer I’ve allowed to build up, yet again, so I’m posting two manis today. Exciting stuff. 😛


This is two coats of Spellbound Nails Sugar ‘n Spice, a crelly glitter mix. The base is white, and it has medium magenta circle glitters, smaller pink and aqua circle glitters, and purple and blue circle microglitters. Say that five times fast! This is a very cute, springy mix. This is the one of two crellies in my collection, the other being Upelkuchen, also by Spellbound Nails. I’m pleasantly surprised by both of these!


And this… blows my mind. Unfortunately, this brand is no longer sold, but you can still find them online. This is Confetti Cosmetics Glam’n Up, a veritable chameleon! To me, it looks like a magenta-purple packed with shimmer that shifts between magenta and cranberry red under different lighting.



I cannot deal with this color. I’ve already worn this polish under effects topcoats and they look amazing over this.


Look at that glow!! It’s dreamy. Sigh.

That’s it for now! Thank for reading. ❤