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Sweet as Sugar

Buckle up everybody, we’re in for a wild ride.


This beaut is called Cinapro Nail Sugar Sweet Tooth, a blue to purple duochrome shimmer base with two different sizes of metallic blue hexes. This is two coats over a dark blue (I believe it was Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, but I’m not certain).



I love this—this has one of the most noticeable duochrome effects out of all my polishes.



This is really thick, though I think it’s because my bottle is so old and because the LED light in the cap started to “set” the polish while it was still in the bottle (all the Nail Sugar polishes come with little LED lights built into the caps!). It’s possible that you’d need to thin it out after a while. I don’t think it’s the manufacturer’s fault, but it was bad enough that I felt the need to mention it.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤