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Hall of Mirrors

Mirrors!! On my nails!!! Oh goodness!!!


Looooook at this. This is Born Pretty Store Mirror Nail Polish, a two-bottle set of a base coat and chrome polish. This is quite literally a mirror finish and I am so impressed.

However! This only stays on a very short time, unless you topcoat it (using the basecoat that comes with it), which dulls the finish. 😦

The basecoat also didn’t seem to want to come off with acetone, and I ended up having to peel it off, which took a layer of my nail plate with it in some spots. This can be fixed by applying a regular basecoat underneath the BPS one. A ridge-filling basecoat should even out any imperfections in the nail, and you won’t get those visible ridges and such in the mirror finish.


I also tried my hand at using chrome powder, with, uh… limited success. It’s definitely not as shiny or reflective as the BPS mirror polish, but I don’t have gel polish to use with it like you’re supposed to. I’ll have to revisit this.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for you guys today. Thanks for reading!