So Long, Summer

Hello my loves. It’s so nice and chilly out this week, I adore it. ❤

No rambling from me today, let’s jump right in.


Pictured is two coats of Milani Beach Front, which is shockingly opaque for such a light color. It borders on being a one-coater. This is a light sky blue packed with silver microglitter. The glitter is so fine that it isn’t hard to remove, if memory serves me.


This was my last summer manicure, so I decided to throw a holo topcoat on it while I could still take advantage of the extra daylight. This time I used Nine Zero Lacquer Holo All The Things!!. I’ve had problems with this covering unevenly before because it had gotten thick, but a little thinner gave this polish the perfect consistency. So good. ❤


Next I have a manicure that went with my costume for the New York Renaissance Faire, which is always a blast. I started off with Revlon Teak Rose, a dusty, rosy red, which I adore. You might be able to get this in one coat, but I used two.


I topped that with Ninja Polish Midas Touch, a 24k gold flake topper. This was two coats, although one might have sufficed if I’d held the bottle upside down for a bit. It’s always nice to break this polish out for a special occasion. 😉

Thanks for reading, expect more soon. ❤


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