Stand In The Clouds

Holy pepperoncini, I have so many swatches I haven’t posted. Why do you keep letting your content pile up on you, Aley?


Let’s start with this pretty number. Her name is Kiko 532, and I’ve worn her before (back when my nails were tiny and square-shaped—what!!). She’s  a teal base with gold glass fleck shimmer, like those shimmers that Zoya does so well. I said this color reminded me of Zoya’s Remy, but it’s really more similar to Charla. The formula on this was fantastic and it covered in two coats.


I layered Femme Fatale Stand In The Clouds on top, and the result was stunning. This polish is fairly complex, but as far as I can tell, it’s a sheer aqua-colored base with gold shimmer, and small and micro holographic hex glitters. It looks a little “bumpy” because the shimmer covers up the glitter a little, but everything smooths out with topcoat. I felt like a mermaid with this! But then again, I always feel like a mermaid. 😉

Thanks for reading! See ya soon!


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