Hall of Mirrors

Mirrors!! On my nails!!! Oh goodness!!!


Looooook at this. This is Born Pretty Store Mirror Nail Polish, a two-bottle set of a base coat and chrome polish. This is quite literally a mirror finish and I am so impressed.

However! This only stays on a very short time, unless you topcoat it (using the basecoat that comes with it), which dulls the finish. 😦

The basecoat also didn’t seem to want to come off with acetone, and I ended up having to peel it off, which took a layer of my nail plate with it in some spots. This can be fixed by applying a regular basecoat underneath the BPS one. A ridge-filling basecoat should even out any imperfections in the nail, and you won’t get those visible ridges and such in the mirror finish.


I also tried my hand at using chrome powder, with, uh… limited success. It’s definitely not as shiny or reflective as the BPS mirror polish, but I don’t have gel polish to use with it like you’re supposed to. I’ll have to revisit this.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for you guys today. Thanks for reading!



Happy Monday, everybody!! 😛

I went to a party with a theme of Tiffany Blue. Me, being the incredibly predictable person I am, decided that I should do some simple nail art to follow suit!


I did a ruffian manicure in Tiffany colors for the event. I started with a base of Sally Hansen White On, then carefully painted China Glaze For Audrey (supposedly the perfect Tiffany blue!) overtop, attempting to follow the shape of my cuticle. It’s not perfect, but it worked for what I needed it for. For Audrey was super opaque, I only needed one coat of it if I remember correctly.

And… that’s it! I don’t generally like to lump nail art pictures in with swatches, so it’s just a short post today. Thanks for reading! ❤


Pinks And Needles (Needles not included)

Welcome back! Thanks for continually visiting my little corner of the net. Have some pinks.


First is China Glaze Awakening, a chameleon along the same lines as my one true love, Orly Fantasea. That sheer reddy-purple base mixed with that copper shimmer makes this something truly amazing. Two coats was good for this, although my white-toned ridge-filling basecoat probably helped with the opacity a bit. I’d say this is two to three coater, depending on certain factors.


Yikes, this stuff is blinding. Here I have Sally Hansen Color Foil Rose Copper, a gorgeous metallic rose gold. I followed the instructions on this and used neither a top nor basecoat, and as a result, you can see where I’d had some peeling on the tips of my two middle nails. If you’re concerned with imperfections on the nail plate, you can use a ridge-filling basecoat, and then a matte topcoat, and then the foil polish once the former two have fully dried for an even surface.


Last is Essie California Coral, an orange-toned hot pink. This was good for me in two coats. I’m not sure if this is still sold, as I’ve had my bottle for a long long time, but it’s nearly identical to Essie’s Cute As A Button which is part of the core collection.

And that’s it for now! Lots of words this time around. Oh well! Thanks for reading. ❤


An Assortment

This is the bluest blue I’ve ever seen in my entire life, holy moly.


This is PopBeauty Cool Cobalt. Just look at it!! Application was beautiful. It’s opaque in two coats, although I’m wearing three here because I knicked a few fingers and wanted to smooth everything out. I kind of want to say that this has a jelly-ish formula, since it has a sort of jelly look at one coat, but doesn’t dry super glossy like a jelly would (the picture above is without topcoat).  It’s an enigma!


I topped that with one coat of Super Black Lacquer HBIC, which has got to be one of my favorite polish names ever!! haha.  It’s a royal blue jelly with what I think are gold holographic hex glitters—it’s hard to tell! They  may just be silver hexes that look gold against the blue. I should have added a second coat of this to give it more depth… Next time.


And here’s this beautiful taupe with pink shimmer, Native War Paints Jessica, from their NWP Classic Essentials line, thrown in for good measure. I have a buffer to get through, whaddaya want from  me? ;P

The formula on this was really good, opaque in two coats which I wasn’t expecting! And it applied really nicely. The only issue I had, which is apparently fairly common with this brand, is that there were some bits of unmixed pigment floating around in the polish. You can just swipe them right off with the brush, though, so I don‘t have any complaints.

That’s all here. Thanks for stopping by!


Stand In The Clouds

Holy pepperoncini, I have so many swatches I haven’t posted. Why do you keep letting your content pile up on you, Aley?


Let’s start with this pretty number. Her name is Kiko 532, and I’ve worn her before (back when my nails were tiny and square-shaped—what!!). She’s  a teal base with gold glass fleck shimmer, like those shimmers that Zoya does so well. I said this color reminded me of Zoya’s Remy, but it’s really more similar to Charla. The formula on this was fantastic and it covered in two coats.


I layered Femme Fatale Stand In The Clouds on top, and the result was stunning. This polish is fairly complex, but as far as I can tell, it’s a sheer aqua-colored base with gold shimmer, and small and micro holographic hex glitters. It looks a little “bumpy” because the shimmer covers up the glitter a little, but everything smooths out with topcoat. I felt like a mermaid with this! But then again, I always feel like a mermaid. 😉

Thanks for reading! See ya soon!