Ocean Mint

Hey hey! Welcome back. I’m actually redoing an older mani that I quite liked, and wanted to redo with better lighting and nicer nails a year later. I can’t believe it’s already been a year–what!!!


I started with a base of Wet n’ Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint. She’s nearly opaque in one, but patchy in spots, so two coats will do you right. Because she’s so pigmented, though, she’s a stainer, so double up on that basecoat!


I topped that with Jordana Ocean Mist, a pretty crystal blue frost. I don’t generally like frosty finishes, but I really love this one for some reason. Maybe because it’s a mermaid color? She’s a little brushstroke-y, but still pretty.


Then I added holo, because why not. I used Finger Paints Holographic Top Coat for this, since I wanted to see if I liked it any better here than the last time I used it. I’m happy to say that I did!

And that’s it for today! Thanks for reading. ❤


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