There’s a joke about leprechauns in here somewhere…

“Why have I not worn this before?” is a question I seem to find myself asking a lot lately. Generally, it’s in regards to creme polishes that my younger self never had an appreciation for. Baby Aley was all about shimmer and duochrome, but honestly there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a smooth, shiny, perfect creme on your nails.


This is a staple among China Glaze’s core line, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, a tealy-green creme. This is supposed to be a one-coater, and while it was very opaque, I ended up needing two. The basecoat I use is very shiny and bad at gripping polish, so a lot of one-coaters become two-coaters on me. Oh well! The formula on this guy was still smooth and amazing.

The only weird thing I noticed was that thing seemed to take on a slightly more yellowed color after a few hours of wear. That might have been my topcoat—at first I thought it was because of the change in lighting, but then I saw that it was still tealy underneath once I’d started to remove it.


Buuut, before removal happened, I found a mainstream brand selling a holo topcoat—what!! This is, appropriately enough, Finger Paints Holographic Top Coat. Finger Paints is Sally Beauty Supply’s in-house polish brand, so it’s pretty accessible. As far as the holo effect goes, it’s very nice! I think it’s a touch more “grayed out” and less vibrant than my only other holo topcoat, but you honestly can’t go wrong with the pricing and ease of access. Application was great as well. I’ll have to try this over different colors and see how it compares.

Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite holo topcoats?


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