I mean… the Kraken!


Sigh. Rainbow Honey The Kraken was my first ever polish lemming. It was out of stock for a long, long time before it was given a final restock for its retirement… so of course, I got a bottle and a backup. Pictured is two coats with topcoat. It dries a little bumpy, but a thick coat of glossy topcoat will take care of that.


I feel like I’m staring at shining, metallic seashells through ocean water at the beach when I look at this! It’s so complex and beautiful. This polish contains multiple sizes of metallic blue hex glitters and metallic gold holographic glitters suspended in a blue jelly base. There’s also a flash of aqua shimmer that adds another layer of complexity. I’m really enamored with this thing!

The formula’s a little thick, but not terrible. And unfortunately, I can’t speak for how easy or difficult removal is because I used a peel-off basecoat. Sorry!

And that’s that! Thanks for reading. ❤


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