Sun’s Out, Holo Out

Hello, darlings! As the weather’s getting warmer, I’m finding myself drawn to brighter colors and holographic finishes, since the sun’s finally coming out. It’s pretty fun.



This is an unnamed polish from Cosmetic Arts. It’s an eye-searing chartreuse. I don’t have anything else like this in my collection. It was nearly opaque in two coats, but I opted for a third because I’m a little heavy-handed and I had some streaks that needed covering. My photos show it without topcoat.


And this is Essie Avenue Maintain. This is one coat. Holy cow!! With this light of a blue (“Parisian blue” according to Essie), that’s pretty wild. Color me surprised.


I decided to top this off with Nine Zero Lacquer Holo All The Things!! Topcoat. The holo on this thing is really intense, one coat’s all you’ll need. The formula’s a smidge thick, but not hard to work with.


I love this manicure. Gosh. And a lot of people at work loved it, too!


Aaaaand a blurry pic to show off that sweet, sweet holo.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading. ❤


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