Baby finally got her first crelly glitter mix!! It only took me one thousand years. It’s from Spellbound Nails, a new to me brand, and I’m so incredibly pleased with this polish!


This is Spellbound Nails Upelkuchen, and it looks like cake!!! Gosh! This immediately made me think of cake batter before I even knew its inspiration—Upelkuchen is from the Eat, Drink and be Alice duo, and is based off ‘upelkuchen,’ the ‘Eat Me’ cake. This polish is a mix of different sized red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and pink hex glitters in an off-white, cream-colored crelly base.

I thought I’d need three coats of this, since crelly glitter mixes need to have a semi-transparent base to let the glitter peek through. But nope! Two worked just fine for me. The base is just opaque enough, and the glitter just dense enough, that two coats covered completely. I’m so happy with the way this applied and looked! You will definitely be seeing this in a birthday cake-themed mani when my birthday rolls around in June. 😉

I’ve also purchased another crelly mix from Spellbound Nails which I plan to wear and take pictures of soon. Stay tuned!


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