Shine On

I broke a nail. 😦

It was about a week ago, as I was coming back from NYC. My nails had been the longest they’d ever been in my life before that. So I was a little bummed!

Buuuut…  as I was waiting for my train to go home, I spotted a perfume shop with an Essie display, and I had time to kill, so I went in.


And they had ESSIE SHINE OF THE FRIGGIN’ TIMES!!! All the Essie polishes were 2 for $10 so I went a little crazy and bought a bunch, haha. And then I was a little less sad. 😀


Magic. Magic, on my nails, in flake form, it’s happening, it’s here and it changes colors. Gosh. And this is one coat. One coat!! This thing is so dense I want to cry tears of unadulterated bliss.


Ahem. Anyways. What you’re seeing is Essie Shine Of The Times over Ciaté Burlesque, my go-to layering purple, and topped with Julie G Matte Topcoat.


(Pardon my dry cuticles here, I took this photo in my car and I didn’t have any moisturizer on hand!)

Shine Of The Times is a clear base packed with red/gold/green/blue shifting flakies. To my knowledge, these types of flakies are either discontinued or incredibly hard to come by, so this polish and many similar ones (Color Club Snow-Flakes, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, etc.) have been long discontinued.  Girly Bits Thud! is a good replica that’s still in production, however. 😀

That’s it for now! I was really happy to come across this gem. And now I have way more bottles than will ever be necessary, haha.

Thanks for reading!


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