Glitter On Chalk

Hello hello! No chatter today, let’s get right into it.

I’ve been wearing two coats of China Glaze Let’s Chalk About It as a base for glitter a lot lately. I didn’t think I’d be reaching for this one as much as I have been, especially with the complaints I’d been hearing about its formula, but it’s been treating me just fine!


My bottle of Chalk came in a duo along with China Glaze Glitter Me This, a glitter topper with several different sizes of matte white and matte baby pink hex glitters, and a few sizes of gold metallic hex glitters. It’s a pretty unique combo for a mainstream brand. It needed very little manipulation and it was nice and dense in one coat.



I also used LCAI in my Easter manicure, where I topped it with Lacquer Lust Spring In Your Step. Admittedly, this looks identical to the last time I wore it, but whatever! This glitter is honestly magic. Super dense and covers well in one coat. ❤

The above swatches are over a week old, and I ended up with a buffer and I did a whole bunch swatching today!! I need to chill, haha. But I promise to pick up the pace with the posts a bit, just for you guys. 😉

Thanks for reading! ❤


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