Hello again! This is the last manicure in my buffer before I get to what’s currently on my nails. I’m so excited! From here on out, I want to be as current as possible with my posts. Hopefully I can pull it off and not fall behind. The hype is real.


This peachy, nudie cutie is Essie A Crewed Interest. It looks nude in the bottle, but definitely pulls peach once it’s on the nail—I put this on at night for a job  interview in the morning, and saw how bright and not-really-nude it was once the sun was out. It also suffers from the light colored Essie formula, so you might be better off finding a dupe for this. While application itself was fine, a streaky formula and a light color made for a three-coat polish that felt thick on the nail. Do not like.

Maybe I’ll try my hand with this one again once it’s warmer out… Maybe.

And now I’m laughing because I just realized that I wore a pun on “accrued interest” to a job interview at a bank. 😛

Thanks for reading!


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