Celestial Honey

Good evening, my darling readers! I hope you’re all staying warm on this chilly February evening. I’m all cuddled up with my puppy while I do some swatching. 😉

I swatched a few assorted Rainbow Honey colors that I’d had yet to wear. Let’s get right into it!

This is Rainbow Honey Celestial Hydra, a frosty ice blue with tiny white shards suspended in the base. I’ve never seen anything like it! It needed four coats for opacity, and it dries a little thick and a bit lumpy, but the drying time is actually really fast which was a nice surprise. The formula wasn’t thick going on, but the base likes to stick to itself when you’re adding coats, so you might want to wait for the polish to dry completely between coats. This was one of the polishes from the Planet X trio.


And the final polish in the Planet X trio is Rainbow Honey Charonova. It’s an amethyst base with blue shimmer and some iridescent flakies. The formula feels thin, but is really easy to apply and doesn’t try to run. On my four fingers I have two coats over Ciate Burlesque, and it really brought that blue shimmer out! On my thumb I have four coats on its own to make it opaque – this dries down  very “thin” so four coats doesn’t feel awkward or gummy once it’s dried. This also dries incredibly quickly!

And finally is Rainbow Honey Aurora. This polish is amazingly complex, a clear base that’s absolutely brimming with metallic glass fleck shimmer in silver, gold, blue and light green. And in certain lights, it’s blindingly blingy! It’s opaque in three coats, and this thing dries beastly fast.

My love for this brand knows no bounds, haha.

Thanks for reading!


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