I got really excited about the name of this polish. I thought it was a pun. But it wasn’t and now I feel all deflated. 😦

Today I have some pictures of Zoya Aggie, which looks like shifty molten gold on your nails. The reason I thought this was a pun was because of the gold color, and because I thought that the symbol for gold on the periodic table was Ag—thus, Aggie. Turns out that Ag is silver, and gold is Au. Opportunity missed, Zoya! Ah well. Let’s take a look at the polish.



This was opaque in two coats, although I’m wearing three here because I smudged my nail on my index finger and wanted to smooth it out.


Aggie shifts from gold to green to blue, although I tend to have trouble capturing multichromes with my camera. 😦


This thing is shiny. And while it’s a little disappointing that the color shift isn’t very apparent on the nail, that primary gold color is so stunning that I don’t mind, haha.


Zoya Aggie is a good deal warmer than your typical Chanel Peridot dupes like OPI Just Spotted The Lizard, Julie G You-niverse, China Glaze Rare And Radiant, Jessica Iridescent Eye, etc., but it’s gorgeous in its own right.

Hope you guys enjoyed my photos! Thanks for reading. ❤


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