Lots of blue and scattered holo

Hello lovelies! I have some assorted colors for you today. Let’s get right into it!


This is Zoya Indigo, which is… not indigo, but a navy blue shimmer base with some scattered holographic particles. It’s opaque in one coat and dries pretty quickly, which makes it a good ‘I need to get out the door’ polish. I was a little disappointed that the holo particles don’t show up very well on the nail, they tend to get covered by the base.


I added a coat of Salon Perfect Cosmic Dust to get the look that I was hoping for. It’s a clear base with scattered holo microglitter (it’s a repackaging of China Glaze Fairy Dust, as SP and CG are owned by the same company). My nails look like a holo night sky now! 😀

Then I realized that I already had something in my collection that captured the look that I’d wanted all in one.


This is Starrily Heart of the Ocean, a cerulean blue shimmer base with scattered holographic particles. It’s everything that I wanted Indigo to be! Two coats for opacity—the sheerer base is most likely what allows the holo to peek through.



The holo itself is a little unusual—it’s like a linear holo that’s spread out so far that it looks scattered. You can see the linear arc a little in the third photo.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading.

– Aley ❤

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