Let’s get it right this time

Hi, my dearies! I have a swatch for you that I’ve been dying to revisit, since this is one of my favorite colors in my collection and my previous photos for it didn’t do it justice. But first: a color that I’ve mentioned before but never photographed.


This is Ciate Burlesque, which I also wore under the following color last time I photographed it. It’s a deep eggplant purple, opaque in two coats—I have one thick coat here since I was layering it, thus the semi-see through patches. My bad!


And this is Orly Fantasea, which I took way better photos of this time around (see for yourself!). This is a chameleon, looking coppery red or gold or purple depending on the angle and lighting. I gasped when I looked at this through the viewfinder and saw all that gold! It’s so shy in person, haha.


This is two coats of Fantasea over Burlesque. I’m just… so in love with this color. I know I say that a lot, but Fantasea is one of the few polishes I’ve worn multiple times already, haha. It’s definitely got a special place in my heart.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤

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