Be Mine, Magic Glitter!

Man, you guys all know how much I love Rainbow Honey by now. Let’s not even go into that. I just recently nabbed a couple of polishes from their Sweet Talk collection from a seller on Storenvy – the collection’s being re-released sometime this month – because I wanted some cute pink stuff to wear during February. 😛


I’m not generally a fan of the way pink looks on me unless it’s neon or very coral/peach-leaning. That said, I did very much like Rainbow Honey Be Mine on its own. It’s a warm toned rose pink base with tiny gold flakes, and it was fully opaque in two coats. It actually had an amazing formula, Rainbow Honey’s formulas tend to err on the thick side but I had no problems with this one at all.


I topped it with the magic that is Rainbow Honey XOXO. I loved this mani infinitely more once I got this glitter on it. XOXO is a clear base with gold shimmer, small and micro fuchsia metallic hex glitters, and a smattering of very very fine gold holographic particles—possibly tiny glitter/flakes or larger shimmers, I can’t quite tell. This has great glitter coverage with one coat, and the glitters needed minimal manipulation.


Something about this had me totally hooked. That glitter topper, man—I need to see what it looks like over other colors.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤

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