Hello again, my loves! I have a swatch with “nail art” for you  today—incredibly simple, but it was my first attempt at creating my own decals, and I have to say it was a success!

For those of you who are unaware, if you have a stamper or a silicone nail art mat, you can create your own “decals” using quick dry topcoat and polish. I have the Uber Mat from UberChic, but there’s also the Lotus Mat from Bundlemonster and the Miracle Mat from Bliss Kiss. I’ve also seen people create decals on freezer bags, wax paper, and glass before. Here’s a couple of tutorials.

Anyways! Here’s my final product. I’m wearing two coats of Revlon Valentine, which I chose solely because of its name, haha. It’s sort of a very opaque jelly finish, so it still has that “squishy” look but covers completely and dries super shiny on its own (but topcoat is always recommended!). It applied really nicely. I haven’t used many Revlon polishes, but I was very pleased with this one.

I created the heart by putting down a small square of topcoat on my Uber Mat, then using a large and small dotting tool to paint a heart over top. Once it dried, I peeled up the decal, cut away the excess topcoat, pressed it down to my nail and sealed it with more topcoat. 😀

And that, as they say, is that. Hope you guys liked this very wordy post! haha.

-Aley ❤

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