Just Stitched

Hey all! In keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme I’ve been attempting to adhere to with my nails, I have another pink for you. It’s actually pretty similar in color to Sally Hansen Petal Pusher which I wore last time… but no matter!


Above is three coats of Essie Just Stitched, from their Cashmere Mattes line. It’s a pale baby pink with a delicate bluegreen shimmer (which my camera was having none of…). I was so in love with how this looked on my nails! It was soft and delicate and made me feel so feminine, but that formula… Yikes.


This was beautiful, but oh my goodness is it ever difficult to work with. This isn’t self-leveling at all, so you have to be sure that your application is as smooth as possible—but it dries so quickly that you have to be very fast about it. It’s also pretty streaky; at three coats you could still see a few spots that weren’t completely opaque in person, although you would’ve really had to look for them.

I also had some chipping by the end of the following day, although I’m going to blame that on the lack of topcoat. This thing seriously cracked all over though, which I think is the fault of the matte finish. Perhaps it’d fare better with one coat of Just Stitched over a more opaque pale pink? I’ll have to try it someday.

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤

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