Valentine’s Dotticure

Hey all! It’s February, so Valentine’s Day manicures are officially in. I’m not very good at nail art (my hands shake!) but I gave a simple dotticure a try and I really like the outcome.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Petal Pusher, from their Insta-Dri line. It’s a very soft petal pink. I have the most success with the Insta-Dri polishes when I just layer on one very thick coat, but this one isn’t opaque enough to do that with—it’s a little difficult to apply as a result, because it will start thickening up and drying mid-coat. A thicker second coat gets everything nice and even and fully opaque!

I dropped in some dots in no particular pattern, starting with OPI Cinnamon Sweet (this is a great red to dot with because it’s so opaque), Revlon Temptress, and Color Club French Tip. It’s simple but very cute, and I like it a lot! This is a great nail art design to use for any holiday, honestly.

Thanks for reading!


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