Kiko 529

What’s up, my lovely readers? I’m snowed in today! Maybe you’ll get more than one post today? Who knows! Let’s get right into the swatch pictures.

This is two coats of Kiko Cosmetics 529 “Metallic Beetle”, an incredibly deep shimmery blue. It almost looks more complex than it really is, if that makes any sense? Like, it kind of looks like you’d need to layer a few polishes to get it to look that way or something. I’m not sure how to describe it. But I know that I am continually impressed with how smooth and perfect Kiko’s formulas and finishes are, especially considering how affordable they are as well.

Aaaaaand then I had to go and ruin it.


I added two coats of Nina Ultra Pro Island Fever, a glowy blue flakie topper in a clear base. The flakes are beautiful! More blue-leaning and jewel toned than the other mainstream flakies in my collection. But the problem is, as you can see, it’s so base heavy as to be unusable—look how disgustingly blobbed on my polish looks in the second picture, and compare it to how nice my nails looked in the first. This is the only flakie I know of that you’d have to sponge on. :/

I rarely take things off right after I put them on, but this blobby mess was just too much for me. 😦

Here’s to better flakies in the future, haha.


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