Comets of Planet X

So this is what wasn’t supposed to be, but turned out to be my NYE manicure, haha. I mean, I definitely put this on with NYE in mind but had intended to change it. Oh well, it still looked nice. 😛


You’re all probably well aware of my ongoing love affair with Rainbow Honey’s nail polishes. My base here is just a basic grey creme from them, Rainbow Honey Planet X. It was surprisingly sheer on one coat, but completely opaque in two and had a great formula. Not thick at all, which was nice.


It turned out to be perfect to throw OPI Comet In The Sky over – it was dark, but you can still see Comet’s black glitter over it. Comet itself is great too, with its mix of different sized matte black and iridescent hex glitters. I believe this came out in OPI’s holiday collection last year – the Gwen Stefani one, I think. It’s pretty cool. I saw promo images of it and knew I had to have it. 😛

Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day!


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