Oops, I did it again

I broke my laptop

And lost all my swatches

Oh baby, baby

Well, actually it’s just the hard drive that I broke, unlike last time (almost exactly a year ago!! gosh) where my lovely Duchess knocked a glass of water over onto my laptop and fried everything.

My point is, there shouldn’t be as much downtime as last time since it’s only the hard drive that’s damaged, while the laptop itself is fully functional. But I still have mobile blogging through the wonders of technology, so I’ll try to update here in the very likely event that the laptop situation is worse than I thought and hoped.

Thanks for stickin’ with me, my lovely readers. Let’s hope there’s a few less disasters in 2016. 😛

Jolly Holly

Hello, all! I tried freehand painting and it wasn’t a total disaster! Let’s get into it. I feel like this post is going to be… a little wordier than I’d like it to be, haha.


Bottle shot! (Color Club French Tip, OPI Ski Slope Sweetie, OPI Cinnamon Sweet, Revlon Posh, OPI You Are So Outta Lime)


I tried my hand at holly and I quite like it! To start, I applied one (!!) shiny red coat of OPI Cinnamon Sweet. On my middle and ring fingers, I applied a base of Color Club French Tip (which those of you who follow Simply Nailogical already know is the best one-coat white!), and topped it with one coat of OPI Ski Slope Sweetie.


The gold studs were ordered off the website Wish. I laid those down on top of the polish and then applied topcoat overtop of them to seal them in, rather than gluing them on top of everything because there’s no way I’d be able to pull that off without making a mess. Then, on my white nails, I used a long striping brush to paint in the holly leaves in Revlon Posh, and added dimension by going over it with OPI You Are So Outta Lime. Then a dotting tool using Cinnamon Sweet again completed the berries!

I’ve swatched Ski Slope Sweetie before, and actually did a better job of catching the gold shimmer that time (although… don’t look too closely at my flooded cuticles in those pics—yuck!).


I like that it made the white look a little less stark. It’s prettier in the light, and it sort of ties the manicure together, with the gold shimmer complimenting the gold studs.

Show me your holiday manis, guys!

-Aley ❤

Holiday Manicures

Post #2 today! I’m on a roll, haha. I wanted to post all of my holiday manicures that I’ve done thus far today, and I realized that Goldeneye/Milan should probably have their own post.

Let’s jump right in!


This gorgeousness is Rainbow Honey Demeter, part of a holiday duo – I couldn’t tell you from what year, though. I was actually sent a free mini of the other half of the duo, Persephone, but I haven’t swatched it yet. Neither one of them are available anymore, I’m afraid, although the folks down at the Rainbow Honey Lab will occasionally re-release colors in their Vault. Fingers crossed!


Demeter is a beautiful blue-toned green base just brimming with tiny gold flakes. The flakes are tinted by the base, however, so everything comes together to create this insanely rich glass-flecked emerald green. And, because Rainbow Honey polishes are usually fairly thick, I only needed one coat and it dried insanely fast! I’m honestly so in love with this, haha.


Next is a manicure featuring a base of OPI Got The Blues For Red topped with Sally Hansen Eyelet from their Luxe Lace line (say that five times fast!). Got The Blues is almost like a jelly finish, and I was surprised to need three coats with this! But it’s beautiful, so I’ll let it pass.

Eyelet contains four different sizes of matte white hex glitters, but I was completely unable to get any of the largest size. I still like how it looks all together, though. Shown is one coat with a little swirling and dabbing. You might need to push the larger glitters back, as they may want to hang off the end of your nail.

And now for my showstopper.


I told you you’d be seeing more of Nine Zero Lacquer around here! What I’m wearing here is one deep forest green coat of b.s.n. Nail Lacquer Midnight Marsh, topped with one incredibly dense coat of Nine Zero Lacquer Stocking Stuffer, which is probably my favorite of the four polishes I bought from them. I’ve honestly never received more compliments on a manicure in my entire life than I have on this one, haha.


Stocking Stuffer has a lot going on—you have matte white circle glitters (snowballs!), metallic red squares and hexes, metallic green hexes, 3d silver squares, two sizes of 3d silver hexes, and tiiiiiiny 3D microglitter. At first I thought that there was transparent iridescent glitter in there as well, but those turned out to just be the silver pieces reflecting crazy colors at me! I love this so much.


I even managed to get a macro shot of it! Pardon the bubbles, though—I used two layers of two different topcoats on this, one of which had gone super thick over time and caused the bubbling. But hopefully this will give you all a better look at what’s going on in that crazy festive mess!

Nine Zero Lacquer can be purchased here, and Rainbow Honey can be purchased over here!

Thanks for reading… again!




Hello, lovelies! Today I have a comparison post for you, and this will also be the first post of two today. 😀

I recently managed to get my hands on OPI Goldeneye, from their 2012 James Bond collection, as lots of nail bloggers mention it as being a staple gold polish as well as a holiday favorite. But once I had it in my hands, I realized that it looked reeeeally familiar.


Would you even be able to tell that I’m wearing two polishes in this picture if they weren’t labelled? There’s just the tiniest difference in saturation of color between the two, but in person, you can’t tell there’s a difference. On my index and ring finger is Milani Fierce Foil Milan, while OPI Goldeneye is on my middle finger and pinky.

Milan is a little thick, but there aren’t any major application issues because of it. It allows for complete opacity in two coats! Goldeneye, meanwhile, needed four. Although I’ll admit, I do like how Goldeneye looks once it’s on the nails a little bit more—it’s a smidge warmer in color, and the tiny little “flakes” seem to sit a little bit flatter on the nail. Not that either of them look or feel textured, it’s just hard to explain – you can see how Milan looks a little less smooth in the photos.

But do you need both polishes? Heck no! I got Goldeneye on Amazon for $8.15 (and free shipping!), but I’ve seen it on Ebay for as much as $20.

Milan, meanwhile, is… holy crapola, eighty cents?! I’m not sure if Milani is discontinuing this collection, or if the low pricing is the result of holiday sales, but either way – if you’re thinking of picking up Milan or the rest of the collection (which I swatched!!), do it now.

Thanks for reading, loves!

-Aley ❤


Hello, all! I have the unexpected problem of having too much buffer, so I’m going to try to thin it out a bit.


I have to polishes for this post, the first being Color Club With Abandon. It’s a blackened brown base with brassy gold shimmer. There are occasionally sparkles of blue and purple. In short, this polish is baffling.


It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. It’s just, the base is surprisingly sheer, although it kind of has to be or you wouldn’t be able to see the shimmer through the base. The photos show two coats, although I see a few patches in my photos that would have benefited from a third, which is crazy with a polish this dark! I’m not sure how to feel about this one, I’ll have to try it again in few weeks and see what I think then.


Next is Cuccio Coffee, Tea Or Me!, which is another baffling color. It’s a rose gold polish with copper and silver microshimmer, and teensy tiny itty bitty gold flakes. I have no idea how to even describe this finish—I kind of want to say it’s a foil, but it’s so complex that I’m hesitant to call it that!


It’s one of those polishes that looks completely different depending upon how close or far away you’re viewing it from, and it’s pretty either way. 😀

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤


Hey all! I have a fairly hard to find OPI today, which I basically stumbled across. Score.


I’m wearing two coats of OPI Blue Chips here. It’s a cerulean blue base with holographic particles that sparkle in direct light—unfortunately my camera didn’t pick up on it too well, this one has to be seen in person to be appreciated.


Blue Chips dries down gritty because of the holographic microglitter, although a thick topcoat will smooth it out and have it looking a little more glassy. I topped it with one generous coat of Gelous followed by a coat of Out The Door.

I couldn’t stand looking at this on my fingers though!! I don’t know why, it’s a nice color and it sparkles. Who knows.

Thanks for reading!