These will do for now.

Why don’t I have more Orly polishes? They’re great. I think they often go overlooked because they’re not considered high-end like OPI, but they’re good quality.


This is Orly Fantasea. I hesitated to post these because Fantasea is an absolutely beautiful polish, and is a bit of a chameleon, and I couldn’t get picture of all the different colors it has! However… I do want to get all my old photos posted, because… it’s a surprise. 😉

I do intend to reswatch this in the future, when I’m not sporting nubs.



Fantasea can get mostly opaque in three coats, or you can layer it—I have it layered over Ciaté Burlesque, a dark blue-toned eggplant purple.


Orly Ingenue, however, you can get opaque in two. It’s a pinky-purple base with gallons of gold shimmer, in that same sort of chameleon-y vein as Fantasea. I think this could totally work as a fall color, come to think of it.



I might make a point to seek out more Orly polish after this. 😮

Thanks for reading!

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