One of us is going to have to change.

Well, this is embarrassing.


I’ve managed to dupe not just a single polish, but an entire manicure. You might recall the time I swatched Girly Bits Shift Happens layered over China Glaze I Sea The Point.


Turns out that Sally Hansen In Prompt Blue is a dupe for I Sea The Point… Both are a slightly dusty ocean blue color, both cover in one coat. And Starlight Polish Dragon is a green-yellow-gold-orange shifting counterpart to Shift Happens’ red-gold-green shift. Did any of that make sense? Is my grammar okay? English majors, help me out here, I’m terrible at explaining things.


Anyways. Let me talk about Dragon for a moment. It’s a green-based shifting topcoat, and while I love Shift Happens, I find that Dragon looks way better over blue than SH does. And Dragon is essentially a topcoat version of Starlight and Sparkles Dragon Scales, which is also amazing.


Basically what I’m saying is that you should just go over to Issa’s shop and buy everything because holy cow her polishes are beautiful.


What are you waiting for??? Go!!

-Aley ❤

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