Age of Aquarius

November is finally here and the weather is getting cold, which means it’s the perfect time to post a summer color! Right? Right.

I have two easy coats of Color Club Age of Aquarius here, a beautiful blue-leaning mint green color. It is definitely green!! Most photos of it show it as nearly Tiffany blue, but it’s waaaaay more green in real life. I did have to color correct these photos, just because the polish shows up as so blue on camera.

To be fair I did actually wear this during the summer—to the beach, in fact! It’s perfect and is almost eye-searing in direct sunlight, it’s awesome.

Look how long my nail on my ring finger was!! Although it broke later that day after I took these pictures, boooo. Unfortunately I lack the curved nail beds that allow nails to grow long and strong, but I’d like to be able to grow all my nails past my fingertips someday. A girl can dream!

Thanks for reading!

-Aley ❤

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